“Honey, what do you think about holding our baby’s full-month party in the woods?” Rakshasa asked while she was playing with Red Boy in her embrace.

        “Sure. Plan whatever you want,” the absent-minded Bull King answered.

        Bull King was looking at the mirror like he was about to go on a date. Witnessing everything, Rakshasa calmed herself and raised the volume intentionally. “The party can’t be sloppy. We gotta make it grand and invite all of our friends to celebrate for Red Boy. What do you think honey?” she asked again.

        “Huh? Oh sure. Just do it the way you want. Gotta go out now,” Bull King left the house with a hum after he answered his wife.

        Rakshasa was so pissed by the delightful figure of Bull King. “Who doesn’t know you’re heading to that slutty fox!” Rakshasa mumbled.

        Bull King had once stopped fooling around since Rakshasa was expecting Red Boy. Back then, Rakshasa had all of his love, but happy days didn’t last long. Bull King returned to the old habit after Red Boy was born. Rakshasa even found out that he was obsessed with a vixen lately.

        “Red Boy, my baby, don’t be like your daddy when you grow up,” Rakshasa said as she was putting Red Boy to sleep. Right when the baby was almost asleep, a bright and clear voice shouted outside. “Bull King! Bull King! I’ve got news!”

        Baby Red Boy was startled then started wailing. The pissed Rakshasa stormed out of the house with her baby.

        Sun Wukong, a hairy monkey demon, stood at the doorstep. He waved at Rakshasa excitedly when she came out of the house. “Rakshasa, where’s Bull King? I’ve achieved the Dao finally, and we can defeat Dragon King now!” the enthusiastic Sun Wukong said.

        Sun Wukong took the Vajra Staff out of nowhere, swinging it swiftly in front of Rakshasa. When he mentioned Bull King, the name reminded Rakshasa of his love affairs. Sadness kicked in and she started whining to Sun Wukong.

        “Boohoo… So good to see you here. You gotta help me… Bull King is so obsessed with that vixen and now he is dating her everyday. He doesn’t care about his family, and the great plan of yours either! You gotta talk him out!”

        But Sun Wukong didn’t soften by her tears. “Rakshasa, it’s not like that! I don’t think that Bull King would ever forget our plan. In opposition, he’s stressed out because of dealing with the Dragon King. That’s why he went to the vixen’s to relax. He did mention about your obstinate temper. So the problem should be on you.”

        Rakshasa thought Sun Wukong was on her side, but she didn’t expect that all men were the same, covering for their bro!

        Rakshasa finally lost it, bringing out the iron fan and injecting demonic power into it. The fan grew into a huge size. “We’re not on the same page. Leave!” the furious Rakshasa said while she was waving the fan at Sun Wukong.

        As the fan moved, strong wind was blown and blasted at Sun Wukong. He pinned the Vajra Staff on the ground to get a foothold, but his hair became a mess.

        “Calm down, Rakshasa!”

        “Not until you get rid of that vixen for me!” Rakshasa waved the fan even harder.

        “Well…If you can’t be reasoned, then don’t blame me for going hard on you!”

        Sun Wukong raised the Staff to bash at a giant rock next to him. The rock broke into countless pieces, striking at Rakshasa. But the stone chips were just a piece of cake to her, as she blew them away with just a swing.

        That was just Sun Wukong’s feint. He took the chance to jump into the air while Rakshasa was distracted by the chips. When Rakshasa figured out his trick, he went into a dive to knock her out. In the nick of time, she glanced that Bull King was heading over cheerfully. Rakshasa had a plan.

        Before Sun Wukong hit Rakshasa, she pretended to be fainted with holding Red Boy. Sun Wukong stopped the attack and put away the Vajra Staff. “What happened Rakshasa? I didn’t hit you!” Sun Wukong said as he carried her.

        A victorious smile appeared on Rakshasa’s face; She rushed into Sun Wukong’s brace. In the meantime when he was confused, Bull King witnessed the scene.

        “Sun Wukong, how dare you lay your hands on my wife!” he roared furiously.

        And Rakshasa was thrilled inside, “now you know how I feel.”

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