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        Suzuko successfully caught Douman Ashiya’s right-hand man Oni, interrogating him for Douman Ashiya’s whereabouts. However, it was all a set up. Suzuko thought she would be killed by youkais after falling into the trap, but Oni had saved her unexpectedly, pointed out Douman Ashiya’s location and even stayed behind dealing with the enemies.
        Suzuko and Woofy, the godly hound, stopped after running for a while. She looked back and did not want Oni fighting with the youkais alone.
        “How can I treat him like this?” Suzuko made her way back immediately. Oni was used up already, kneeling on the ground. She sprinted towards him, pulling out her bell to defeat the enemies. With the help of Woofy, they took down all the underlings eventually. She came over and helped Oni up——
        “We have to go. You need medication.”
        “No! This is a rare opportunity to kill Douman Ashiya. Go! Forget about me!”
        At this moment, a bizarre grin was echoing through the air. “Do you think you can escape from me? Stop dreaming!” Countless monstrous matter began to get together, turning into Douman Ashiya. She was provoked as soon as she saw his face. Giving a roar, Suzuko ran towards him right away.
        Douman Ashiya showed a confident smile, as if everything was in his plan. Jingle! The bell had hit Douman Ashiya in the face. As Suzuko thought she successfully took him down, he split into numerous monstrous matter again——
        “How could it be!” Suzuko was stunned.
        “Suzuko! Be careful,” Oni shouted, but it was too late for her to dodge it.
        The monstrous matter bit her hands and legs hard! Her bell’s attack was in vain as the enemies would always get together again no matter how many times she hit them.
        Suzuko let out a scream of pain. Her spiritual energy was being sucked. Woofy and Oni tried to save her, but soon they were subdued by the youkais. The two-headed snake entangled Woofy with its body, which made it suffocate…
        Then, the monstrous matter turned into Douman Ashiya again. He whispered as he grabbed Suzuko’s neck. “See, you’re as useless as Abe no Seimei! You can’t even protect yourself, let alone the others...Just watch them die!”
        The painfulness of Woofy and Oni was imprinted in her mind, but Suzuko was helpless to save them. Her consciousness started fading away as the spiritual energy was drained…

        Suzuko was walking in the boundless darkness alone, without any gleam. The whole place had nothing except her. Suddenly, a man who dressed like onmyōji showed up. She gazed at him; that man looked like a ghost, but Suzuko was not afraid at all. Instead, a familiar feeling surged within her heart.
        “You give up already?” The man said.
        “I don’t have a choice. I’m no match for him,” answered Suzuko.
        “...Then what are you fighting for? Revenge?” The man continued.
        “I…” Numerous memories popped out in her mind. Suzuko recalled the past——smiles of master and his wife, Woofy and friends.
        “Now I just want to protect the people I love.” Suzuko pulled herself together.
        The man smiled as he put his hand on her head. “Hatred is evil, and it won’t make you stronger.”
        The man was coated with an azure light, which started flowing inside her body. “Remember! We fight because we want to protect the others, Suzuko.”
        The man nodded. Then, she woke up.

        When Douman Ashiya wanted to absorb the energy of Woofy and Oni, Suzuko leaped into the air and attacked him with the bell. When it was about to hit him, Douman Ashiya used the same old trick again——splitting into multiple youkais to dodge the attack.
        “Hahaha! Abe no Seimei’s pupils are all idiots! Clearly you haven’t learnt anything in this lesson——What!?” Douman Ashiya’s smile stopped. All the youkais were wrapped by crimson lights, including him.
        “Ahhhh! Wh-what are you trying to do!” Douman Ashiya yelled painfully.
        “To split you up, so that I can seal you completely!” Each light is connected to a spell. Suzuko had injected her energy into all the spells.
        At this moment, she could feel someone’s hand was on her shoulder. A flow of energy was transferring to her body. It was Oni, who lent his power to Suzuko. Meanwhile, Woofy, covered with flames, came to her. The fire turned into sparkles, flying into her body…
        “Unite our power...Let’s take him down,” Oni smiled.
        “Suzuko! Take my power!” Woofy touched her.
        Sensing their strength, Suzuko was coated with dazzling lights, which dispelled the darkness and weakened the evils. The power was so strong that even Douman Ashiya felt extremely painful to withstand it. She stepped forward slowly. Each time her bell jingled, it brought tremendous pain to him.
        “I-I won’t be destroyed like this!” He pounced on Suzuko and Oni. Suddenly, a pentagram emerged to block his attack and trap him!
        “The pentagram? It must be the spiritual power...Could it be——”
        “Great timing, isn’t it?” A familiar voice came from behind. Suzuko turned around and saw the man who lent his power to her in the darkness. He was the one casting that pentagram over Douman Ashiya.
        “Come to the underworld with me! Stop meddling in the affairs of mortal realm.” Then, his power was completely sealed along with grumbles.
        The man held the grudge in his hand and said gently, “everything is over. You may go back. Please, extend my greetings to Shigeharu and Fubuki.”
        Looking at his back, Suzuko shouted, “I will!”
        Afterwards, Oni followed her to the Orient. Soon, he became the right-hand man of Shuten-dōji, resolving all kinds of disputes; Suzuko and Woofy continued practicing while fighting for the people and youkais...