Night wind rustled through leaves on the mountain. To ensure she was on the right path, the moonlight shining through the gaps in the leaves was all Yaoji had. Pouch in arms, Yaoji walked with increasing worry. She was supposed to meet a person under the orchid tree beside the pavilion. But he had not appeared after a long wait...

        Does he no longer want to be with me? Or does he think like the others, that I should marry that man from money? No, he has probably just been hindered in the dark...Trying to shake the worry out of her head, she again hurried on her way. She was hoping to see him as soon as possible; only then can she assuage her worry.

        The rustling of leaves grew louder. It did not sound like it was caused by the wind, but rather by a gigantic creature rubbing against them. She had heard rumors about a ferocious animal around, could it be...? Yaoji broke into a trot without looking back, as if doing so would mean being caught by the animal. She did not turn until she reached an open field. All that was there was an orchid tree by the road with its flowery petals floating down. Yaoji gradually caught her breath while her panicked heart calmed.

        Night wind rustled through weeds on the mountain, with which came smell of blood. Yaoji turned to the source of the scent, and was surprised to hear crunching sounds from the weeds. Without trees’ cover on the open ground, moonlight fell on the mound, and in the light, she could see a tiger devouring its prey — a tiger! Yaoji could not help but gasp; she was so terrified that she covered her mouth to avoid her breathing sound attracting the tiger’s attention. She kept her eyes on the tiger while carefully moving backwards. Suddenly, a sense of familiarity emerged; it prompted Yaoji to focus her sight on the food in the tiger’s mouth, and the soft pieces scattered around —

        Upon recognizing who the prey was, Yaoji gave out an uncontrollable wail; the sound captured the tiger’s attention, causing it to growl towards Yaoji’s direction. Fear rendered Yaoji’s legs numb. She could merely stood against the trunk on her back. Before Yaoji, orchid petals danced in the wind, but the growling tiger was nearing...but wait. Why am I under a tree? It was not until now that Yaoji realized that she had never returned to the road, and there was something wrong about the tree. However, a shadow flew at her, forever denying her the chance to know the answer. Just then, a blinding light radiated from the orchid tree!

        When the light dissipated, the orchid tree was no longer there and instead, a woman with Yaoji’s appearance stood where the tree had. However, she was now unclothed, and on her head grew a pair of tree-branch horns, covered with blossoming orchid flowers. Having been stalking nearby, the tiger seized the chance to leap at the woman; she, on the contrary, merely put her hand on its head, and its motion stopped. The blinding light reappeared, this time from her hand, rendering the tiger docile. The tiger even nudged its head against the woman before bringing a piece of the fresh meat for her. The woman took a bite, and a smile spread across her face...

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