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        “Let me out...Let me out now...I needa rip that goddamn Onmyōji into pieces…” Douman Ashiya said weakly as he reached out his hands while sitting in a magic circle.

        Wen Zhong, wearing a robe, stood in front of him. He walked close to the edge of the circle, gazing at Douman Ashiya who couldn’t let go of his hatred. “Sigh, you’re as stubborn as a mule…”

        Rumor had it that there was a youkai named Douman Ashiya raging in the human world. Wen Zhong decided to eliminate it before everything was too late. After rounds of fierce battles, the youkai was defeated. Wen Zhong wanted to annihilate Douman Ashiya once and for all, but his hatred was too strong to be crushed. He had no choice but to bring Douman Ashiya back to a cave in the Heavenly Kingdom. Inside the cave, a divine magic circle was set to weaken this youkai’s resentment.

        Douman Ashiya fought the magic very hard at the beginning, trying to break the circle. But it was of no avail and his power had therefore been slashed. Douman Ashiya had become weaker and weaker as time gone by.. 30 days later, Wen Zhong paid him another visit. He was gonna let him go if Douman Ashiya could show repentance. But thing went opposite.

        Wen Zhong shook his head, putting his compassion behind. “You’re weaken now. And I’ll be joining the other Xians to execute you tomorrow. Enjoy your last time,” he said coldly.

        Wen Zhong left as he finished speaking. Douman Ashiya gave Wen Zhong an angry glare wishing to kill him. But Douman Ashiya was hopeless as he had been weaken to less than half of his own strength.

        “How dare that bastard imprisoning me here...Darn it! I’m not giving up!”

        Maybe God was touched by Douman Ashiya’s persistence, granting him a chance to fight back.

        An unfamiliar voice was sent outside the cave. “Strange, I’m sure I just heard Wen Zhong’s voice. Where did he go? I was going to consult him for Xian arts…Um? Why is here a cave?”

        A Xian popped his head into the cave out of curiosity. Douman Ashiya was scheming as he gazed at his “prey”. “Looks like he’s new to here. If I can lure him close to the circle, I can swallow him to replenish my lost strength.” he thought.

        “Hey, you.”
        “You’re...the demon brought by Wen Zhong. Tomorrow you’ll be——Emm!” The Xian covered his mouth with both hands to stop the words slipping out.

        “I’ll be killed? I knew it already.”
        “Oh, okay...You’re not angry?”
        “My only regret is that the magic I’ve been studying in my entire life will be lost after my death...I have no heir...Right, we’re brought together by fate. Do you want to learn my magic?”
        “...Is it strong?”
        “Strong enough to defeat demons.”
        “Alright then.” The Xian agreed, after considering for a while, as he thought it would do no harm but goods. A surge of excitement filled Douman Ashiya as things went exactly the way he wanted. He kept calm to avoid showing his real emotions.

        “Can you come closer so that I can show you the magic clearly?”
        The Xian dropped his guard to come over. As he raised his head, all he saw was darkness——Douman Ashiya swallowed his head before he could see it coming.

        “Hahaha...Delicious! I feel the energy, full of energy…!”

        Just a roar and Douman Ashiya crushed the magic circle with his power. As Douman Ashiya was about to escape, a shadow caught up——it was Wen Zhong!

        “Good timing! Now you’re going to paid for what you did!” Douman Ashiya licked the blood off his lips while gathering water elemental power. He conjured a pair of frozen and solid arrows.

        “Hit it!” At his command, the two giant arrows flew past Wen Zhong, heading towards the residence of other junior Xian.

        “You...Darn it!” Wen Zhong had to make his way back to stop the arrow attack; Douman Ashiya took this chance to hop on a water sphere and leave the Heavenly Kingdom.

        “Abe no Seimei! You goddamn Onmyōji! I’ll be curse you forever until my soul fades away!”