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        “Human, defeating Saruman is just a beginning. Don’t be blinded by the joy of victory. You still have a long way to go...”

        Looking at the endless road in front and listening to Glauox’s reminder, you finally pick yourself up. Your heart is not blinded by the joy of victory as you understand that this long journey is the only road to glory...

        Walking on the road to Enochian Tower, you look around at the scenery, which helps you relax a bit in this tiring journey.


        The sound of howling strikes fear into your heart, but you can feel your blood inside is afire for battle. You grasp the Seal Cards in your hands. Feeling your strong will to fight, the heroic spirits are fluttering with excitement.

        “Human, sealed on the second floor are the Devourer of the Eclipsed Sun and the Devourer of the Lacerated Moon. They are the kings of eclipses, living on each other’s power.”

        Listening to Glauox’s reminder again, you look up at the night sky with starlight flashing. You suddenly realize that glory is always close to reach, but some people are not even willing to stretch out their hands. You try to make a grip on a bright star with your outstretched hand, and make a vow to yourself that you must clinch the eternal glory.

        “...When the giant wolf was killed, Loki was beside it, with bloody tears streaming down his face. The Gods feared Loki, and they feared everything he created even more. As written in the myth, after death, the giant wolf turned into a pair of wolves with the power of Idun’s Golden Apple. The two wolves devoured the moon, leading to complete darkness in the midnight. At last, they were sealed here by the concerted efforts of the Gods...”

        Looking at the two giant figures, though afar, you can already feel their hunger to kill. But you cannot shrink back, because the eternal glory lies on the road behind the two wolves.

         “... The night enhances the power of the Devourer of the Lacerated Moon, so let’s target at the Devourer of the Eclipsed Sun first!”

        Glauox reminds you. And you can feel the elemental power passing from the Seal Cards to your body.

        ‘Draw upon our power to open up the road... for glory!’ The heroic spirits in the cards talk to you with their wills. Firmly you take a step forward, and hold the Seal Cards aloft to direct the elemental power...