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        “Draw upon our power to open up the road... for glory!”

        Sensing the wills of the heroic spirits, you take a step forward firmly and hold the Seal Cards aloft, directing the elemental power. The cards give a purple light, projecting the figure of a spirit.

        “Ready?” asks Endor the Dark Archmage.

        You nod and summon a few more purple spirits - an ascetic riding on a huge purple beast, a swordsman wearing black armor, a demon goat carrying a big scythe, and a purple slime... Together with Endor, they bravely confront the two wolves.

        The ancient seals appear in front of you. As usual, you release the power of Runestones and transfer it to the heroic spirits. Endor condenses the pneuma into a purple energy ball; the beast concentrates the power in its mouth, while the swordsman and the goat attach the power onto their weapons. Then, Endor hurls out the energy ball; the beast emits a beam of purple light from its mouth; and the swordsman and the goat slash the Devourer of Eclipsed Sun using their weapons.

        The Devourer of Eclipsed Sun roars in pain. The Devourer of Lacerated Moon roars too, as if it can sense the pain of its brother. Then, Glauox reminds you again -

        “Human, as I have told you, they live on each other. You must defeat the two wolves at the same time or else your effort will be in vain!”

        When you are hesitating, Endor speaks again.

        “Believe us! Just make a full blast!”

        The Runestones show up again. A ray of purple light passes from the goat to the Runestones, changing their elemental attributes. You release the power again, so the heroic spirits are bursting with even stronger power to attack the two wolves...

        The two wolves fall down slowly. Glauox congratulates you on your victory with a smile, while the heroic spirits return to the Seal Cards. They all feel very joyful for you. But you just lift up your head, unshaken, as you know you still have a long way to go...