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        Stepping into the stairwell that leads to the upper floor, you can feel the restlessness of the power in the Seal Cards.

        “The Seal Cards can already feel the aura of Diablo, right?” Glauox says as he flies near you, fluttering his wings. “Human, sealed on the fourth floor is Diablo, an arrogant creature proud of its abilities. In the past, it altered the attributes of elements randomly, leading to the imbalance of the power in the world...”

        “Roar——” A stentorian roar interrupts Glauox’s explanation, a roar that strikes your heart. Holding up with a hand on the wall, you try to compose yourself, with cold sweat streaming down from your forehead to the side of the face. The Seal Cards give you a sense of encouragement, as if they know your inner feelings. Sensing the power of the cards, you recall the battle with Odin — you must control your fear!

        Staring resolutely at the stairs, you take a large step and start to climb up again. Diablo keeps growling, as if it has thousands of words to pour out to the comers. Then, Glauox asks for a confirmation, “Are you sure you’re using the power properly?” But you don’t know whether the word “properly” refers a proper method, or a proper purpose.

        “Think about it yourself.” Glauox then flies away from you, fluttering his wings. “Don’t become the second Diablo...” He speaks this sentence to himself in a low voice, but you can still hear it.

        You stand in front of Diablo, with cards held high. The heroic spirits within respond to your voice and emerge along with flare of summoning. Diablo brandishes its sharp claws to you again and again. The battlefield is wrapped up in lights of five colours by the continuous attack of the heroic spirits. Diablo uses its strong power of manipulation to alter the attributes of the elements ceaselessly, forcing you to regenerate the power of Runestones and pass it to the heroic spirits...

        The long and fierce battle doesn’t drive you back. Instead, during the battle, you reinforce your faith - upholding justice is the most proper way for you.