Following the plaintive singing, the ascetic stepped into the forest of elves. The forest was shrouded in a mantle of darkness. Even the branches and leaves of the trees could hardly be seen, as if they were engulfed in a haze of black mist. The ascetic could only rely on the holy light in his hand to distinguish the position of the trunks vaguely, and move on.

        The voice of singing was echoing in front. It should be the singing of a mermaid, but it’s more bone-chilling than a real mermaid song.

        “It’s probably a power stolen from somewhere?” The ascetic thought.

        Suddenly, powder was blown into the ascetic's face. The sweet scent made him feel drowsy.

        “Oh no! It’s the Queen Bee’s pollen. How many kinds of power has the creature actually stolen?” The ascetic tried hard to keep his senses, so as to prevent himself from falling unconscious, yet he started tottering. He took a step forward, hoping to keep on his feet, but he did not step on the ground. Instead, he stepped on taut threads, lost his balance and fell into a web. In order to restore his balance, the ascetic tried to move his limbs, but this only made him getting tangled tighter - this is a feature of a spider web. The ascetic then gave up struggling decisively. He relaxed his body, in the hope of escaping from the tangle and freeing his limbs. But he did not have the chance, as flames charged towards him along the threads. Having no way to dodge, the ascetic could feel himself being engulfed in the flames, with his consciousness fading away. Then, a beam of green light nearby seemed to be calling to his soul and drawing it away...

        “Humph! I don’t even have a breathing space...” Luckily, the ascetic had received blessings of life from the Holylight City, so his soul could not be taken away so easily. He murmured a spell, driving out the green light, melting the spider threads, and quenching the fire.

        “The Guttler of Elements, created by the Elf Queen, has gone berserk because of the excessive intake of power. You have even stolen the power of the elves, bringing disasters to the world. For this crime, you shall be sentenced to death!” The ascetic set up a magic circle with a spell. The flare of the circle lit up the body of the monster, with its growling sound echoing through...

        ‘I am Diablo, the king of the forest. Everything in this forest is under my control. I am the king of elves!’ The roar of Diablo was stentorian and heart-striking. Shaped by the power of elements, the figure on top of it immediately sang a shrilly song! The ascetic cast a spell again, bracing for a tough battle...

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