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Diamonds are the premium currency in Tower of Saviors. They can be purchased using real money any time from the Store. They are also rewarded to players at various times.

How Diamonds Are Used

Players can use 1 Diamond to continue a failed battle (Game Over). In doing so, a player's HP is fully restored without affecting the number of CD turns. This works well when facing a rare stages e.g. Ultimate Stages. As for other battles, players are recommended to use other strategic methods since diamonds are quite rare and expensive.
Players can use 1 Diamond to add their stamina limit to their current stamina.
Extend Inventory
Players can use 1 Diamond to add 5 slots for storing monsters.
Extend Friend List
Players can use 1 Diamond to add 5 slots to the Friend List.
Extend Gear Boxes
Players can use 1 Diamond to add 5 slots to the Craft Box.
Draw Seal Cards
1 "Diamond Seal Card" can be drawn for 5 diamonds. See Diamond Seal for more information.

Free Diamonds

  • Certain levels of Daily Login Rewards
  • 10 diamonds when reaching Player Levels 100 & 150. 15 diamonds when reaching Player Level 200.
  • As Log-in bonuses during some special events.
  • Clearing stages for the first time.
    • Clearing all levels of Main Stages will reward 1 Diamond.
    • Clearing all levels up to Advanced in Special Stages will reward 1 Diamond.
      • If an event stage re-opens again later, players will not receive diamonds an additional time.
        An exception is when a new level is added. Upon clearing the new level, players will receive 1 diamond.
    • Clearing all levels of an Amelioration stage.
  • Players will receive bonus diamond rewards from unleashing the "Seals" in the Enochian Tower stages. See Tower Clearance Rewards for more info
  • Official events and occasional error compensations.

Diamond Pricing

1 Diamond $0.99 0.99 €
6 Diamonds $4.99 4.99 €
15 Diamonds $11.99 11.99 €
30 Diamonds $22.99 20.99 €
60 Diamonds $42.99 38.99 €
90 Diamonds $64.99 54.99 €
150 Diamonds $99.99 84.99 €

Above prices are regularly update by Madhead, please see ingame for the exact cost.

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