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        The soft, black glimmers slowly formed into a silhouette of person. Celos sensed something strange so she got up from her sister’s embrace and turned her head to look at those lights. Followed her gaze, Amor felt not only a sense of kinship with the unknown object, but also extreme danger. She hid her sister behind her, then suddenly they heard a very familiar voice.

        “Amor, Celos, I’m back!”

        The human-like appearance, mannerisms and tone when speaking gradually became exactly like Diarmuid. Amor and Celos looked at “him” ecstatically, for they believed that as their master had returned, the three of them could live and fight together just like the old days...


        The two of them flung themselves into Diarmuid’s arms, embracing him as if they were father and daughters. Diarmuid gently patted their heads, promised,

        “Come here, Amor, Celos. The three of us will never be separated again.”

        Enveloped in black light, the sisters felt an instinctive sense of unease, but they did not doubt their master. Since they became conscious, they have viewed Diarmuid as their father, their god, their everything. They would do all Diarmuid asks, and even in the face of death, they would not cower. Soon, the black light disappeared, while the bodies of Amor and Celos grew vague. Holding two lances in Diarmuid’s hands, an evil smile flickered across his lips...

        That day, the warrior, once the strongest of all, returned to his kingdom.

        That night, the whole kingdom was no more.

        That year, everywhere Diarmuid journeyed collapsed into ruins.

        Everyone said that before every war began, they would see Diarmuid standing beside the king...

        Deep down in one’s mind is a dark side. However, people would opt to suppress their inner-darkness as they were constrained by their morality. Being a kingdom’s warrior, Diarmuid was responsible for the safety of his own kingdom. He understood that his dark side would eventually lead him down the wrong path. Therefore, he sought help from the royal wizard to seal his dark side using the two lances as vessel. Everything was kept safe and quiet, until Diarmuid was betrayed by the nobleman, the dark side buried inside the lances was agitated became restless. “He” consumed Diarmuid’s tenacity, using Diarmuid’s love and spirits of war causalities to create Amor and Celos.