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        A warrior and a maiden bought a bottle of wine as they passed by a market after training. As they returned to the inn, the maiden started poutingly demanding the wine. Unable to turn down her request, the warrior could only acquiesce. They took a sip of the wine; fragrance from fermentation of fine grapes lingered in their mouths. It was undoubtedly the finest wine known. Glass after glass, the whole bottle of wine was soon emptied. Yet, this brought the onset of varying bitter quarrels between the warrior and the maiden over minor issues; and in the end, they even turned to their swords and spears, battling each other outside the inn. Their strikes were merciless, as if both their feelings for each other had long dissipated...

        In a faraway town, there was yet another couple fighting. The noble woman gathered numerous spheres of blood in her palms, before flinging them at the gentleman in front of her. He uttered a wry chuckle, then hurled several knives at the spheres. Pierced, the blood spheres burst, splashing crimson blood all over. The noble woman and the gentleman were not distracted by neither the bursting spheres nor anything happening around them. It was as if they could see no other, but the person in front of them, who they would spare no effort to defeat. In the huge mansion, only the overlapping silhouettes of flying blood spheres and knives could be seen. A bottle of wine, half empty, was left on the dining table...

        At the sametime, two warriors of the Zodiacs were engaged in fierce combat elsewhere. Entirely different from their usual training, the two conjured immense godly power, and ceaselessly launched attacks at each other...Court of Capricorn fended off the incoming blade with his bracer, while Court of Aquarius agilely evaded the punches and kicks. The fight between the two left the Zodiac Court, their usual practice ground, in shambles.

        “Why did they suddenly start fighting? And...why do they seem not to recognize each other...?” The Court of Taurus stood at the side and watched.

        “Could it possibly be related to this wine?” Confused, the Court of Virgo stared at the almost emptied bottle of wine in her hand.

        Dionysus had made some wine for his own consumption to ease his broken heart. Yet, some of the wine was accidentally lost in the realm of Humans. Since Dionysus had channeled his own godly power into the wine during fermentation, after one drinks the wine, one would see only their beloved’s flaws, unable to remember the love. Watching all this from heaven, Dionysus had planned to go down the realm of Humans to retrieve his specially brewed wine. However, seeing those couples quarreling and fighting with each other after drinking his wine, the sight actually alleviated some of the pain the injustice of love had inflicted upon his heart...