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        “You bastard!” Little Lotus shouted as he thrust his sharp pike at the gigantic left arm that attempted to attack, the arm was forced to retreat as sparks flied; but suddenly the right arm struck and pushed Little Lotus into the lake. Little Lotus, soaked in water, hurled all sorts of insults at Dipankara, but the xian simply meditated with his knees crossed, leaving Little Lotus tortured by the giant arms. Dipankara did not mean to abuse Little Lotus. He just kept Little Lotus in his sanctuary, in an hope that Little Lotus could reflect on his behavior and become less violent.

        “Old Bat! You demon! Pervert!” Little Lotus cried while he was eluding the giant arms’ attacks. He fended off an attack with the lance in his left hand as he struck the giant arm’s joint with his right claws . However, the lotus arm snapped in two as they fought at close quarters, Little Lotus lost balance and fell to the ground, pushing his face into a patch of mud. Dipankara approached but Little Lotus pushed him away and exclaimed, “I don’t need your help!” He grabbed his arm and tried to rejoin it with his power, but it was futile. Little Lotus was too distraught to realize that Dipankara’s giant arms were approaching from his back. He was tightly caught by the arms and was in the mercy of Dipaṃkara.

        “Let go of me!”

        “Nezha, you are way too aggressive.” Dipaṃkara attached Little Lotus’ arm back with his power, “How would you let your grudge go?”

        “He stopped me from coming back to life. There’s no way I’ll ever forgive him!” Little Lotus looked the other way and rebuked out of spite.

        “Indeed your father was wrong, but all weal and woe are destined - ”

        “There’s no way you understand my agony! I have repaid him enough for being my father. If he treats me wrongfully, I don’t have to repay him with goodwill then!”

        Dipankara could not help shaking his head.

        “The purpose of treating others well is never to repay them... Well.” He let go of Little Lotus, “You thrust your pike and swing your claws with rage, and never care about how much your lotus body could bear. Even if you are given celestial artifacts, you could never make good use of them with your fragile body. You must learn to control your emotion and familiarize yourself with your power, so that this body built by Celestial Master won’t be abused.”

         Little Lotus did not reply. He ran away clumsily and fell for he was not used to his body made of lotus root. Dipankara helped him up with his giant arms but Little Lotus ran away from them stubbornly and stumbled back into the sanctuary.

        Dipankara sighed with a grin, “He is more errant than I was.”

        Dipankara had been living in the sanctuary on Vulture Peak. In the past, Celestial Master had Dipankara to evict demons on the battlefield. Despite all those warnings given by his mentor, Dipankara became belligerent whenever he reached the battlefield. In a battle among Xian and Demons, Dipankara engulfed his foe in flames, that many died and burnt corpses were all over the field... Dipankara was finally convinced of his error. After inheriting the sanctuary from his mentor, he had been helping people ever since, preventing mortals from being harmed and guiding the good on the path of enlightenment.