At nightfall, the imperial city was illuminated by candlelight. King Dumuzi walked along the poolside, discussing national affairs with ministers; Queen Inanna was preparing dinner with the maidservants.

        “Prince” Mesopotamia, who tightened her nerves, came here in a rush to pull Dumuzi away. Ministers and even Inanna were all astonished by her unusual behavior.

        “Meso, what’s the rush,” asked Inanna.
        “Mother, I need to borrow father for a second.”

        Mesopotamia brought “Dumuzi” to a quiet place. “Where is my father?” She let go and questioned.

        “Tut! You got me again.” “Dumuzi” stretched himself with a pout. That coquettish movement did not match his manly appearance at all. “Chill out. I didn’t kill him. He is probably sleeping like a baby in the bedroom.”

        The “Dumuzi” in front of her was not the real one. It was Chessia, a god in disguise. In order to accomplish Khaos’s mission, she went back to the city once destroyed by herself. Initially, she disguised herself as Inanna to approach Mesopotamia, but the trick was busted at a glance.

        Chessia was not happy with the failure, so she threatened Mesopotamia with her masquerading secret, requested her to play hide and seek together, and found herself by the end of the day. Chessia was full of confidence in the beginning, but the result did not come out as expected…

        “15 times already! Why don’t you just give up? I’ll find you no matter how many times you’re gonna play.”
        “Impossible! My disguise is perfect. You low creature are not supposed to see me through!” Chessia summoned fire to remove the Dumuzi’s masquerade back to her true face.

        “You’re in denial. I can find you because I see through your soul.”

        “See through my soul? Bullcrap! It’s impossible...She’s full of crap! She just caught my mistake by chance!”

        “You’re just bluffing! Die!”
        Chessia, flying into a fury, pulled out the sword from her waist to attack Mesopotamia; Remaining still, Mesopotamia let it stab into her shoulder to bleed.

        “You...why didn’t you dodge!” An unspoken emotion drove Chessia gasping.

        Mesopotamia answered calmly, “coz I know you won’t kill me.”

        “You——” Chessia could not find the right words.

        “Why do I feel so powerless with her…”

        “Dumuzi, Meso, what took you so long——Stay away from my daughter!” Inanna decided to look around as they went missing. To her surprise, she saw Mesopotamia injured, and spontaneously triggered the resonance between her power and blood of ancient god. Then, the elemental power was condensed into an energy sphere to cast over Chessia.

        In the nick of time, someone pounced on her——It was Mesopotamia. Thanks to her, Chessia was safe from the attack, but Mesopotamia got hurt in the shoulder because of this!

        “Hey! Are you alright?” She held the bleeding Mesopotamia, with her voice trembling in fear.

        “But you——”
        “Just go…”

        Seeing the reinforcement is coming, Chessia understood she had no time to drag on unless she wanted to be caught. So she conjured fire to wrap herself up and escaped. The moment Chessia disappeared, she took a final glance at Mesopotamia, who fell into a faint in the arms of Inanna with a pale face…

        As the news of prince’s injury had spread out, the imperial city became heavily-guarded. Even for Chessia, she was unable to find a way in, but had to patiently wait for a chance to come back. During the time, Chessia’s thought was all about Mesopotamia.

        “...Is she alright? Why did she help me? Does she really see through my soul?”

        Finally, Chessia got a chance to sneak in. Searching everywhere, she found the bandaged Mesopotamia practicing sword at a hillside beside the palace.

        “Why don’t you get some rest? Do you wanna hurt yourself again?” Chessia descended from the sky and sat on a rock cross-legged behind her.

        “I can’t calm myself If I stop practising.” Mesopotamia talked to her like an old friend. “Not pulling out you trick today?”

        “Humph, it’s meaningless to you anyway. Why bother,” Chessia pouted her lips. “...Why did you save me? Now you know I almost killed your parents and this country before.”

        “I don’t know…” Mesopotamia stopped wielding her sword, turning to Chessia. “I lose my calm whenever I see you...I can’t just leave you in danger...Maybe it’s because you and I are much alike.”

        “Huh!? What are you talking about? Obviously, we’re totally different!” Chessia jumped down to compare her hand with Mesopotamia’s. The petite palm of Chessia was entirely wrapped up by Mesopotamia’s rough yet slender fingers.

        Mesopotamia shook her head and smiled. “I’m not talking about the appearance...You asked me why I can see you through. It’s because of your eyes.”

        “Speaking of which, she looks me in the eyes every time we meet.”

        Mesopotamia held her gaze at Chessia. Their eyes were like mirrors, reflecting nothing else but only each other. At this moment, Chessia felt that she was connecting with Mesopotamia somehow; and such intimacy was inexplicable.

        “My teacher once said that eyes are the window of one’s soul. Looking someone in the eyes can see through the nature of the soul. That nature is unique, and I see your soul is feeling perplexed, like losing a direction.”

        “Whatever soul it is, I don’t believe it——” Chessia was in denial, but she stopped talking immediately when Mesopotamia touched her face; then her heart started beating fast.

        “You’re hoping someone to find that lost soul. Wasn’t that your subconscious motive to play that game with me? But at the same time we’re fear people approaching us, so contradictory yet so willful. This is our nature.”

        In fact, Chessia had no clue about what Mesopotamia just said, but the emotion carrying through her words had completely sent to Chessia’s heart. When she was about to respond, an ominous vibe came down from the sky. Chessia conjured a fire elemental shield to cover Mesopotamia.

        The power struck right at her shield; then a beautiful figure descended —— God Aether, under the leadership of Khaos. Floating in the air, she gazed at Chessia coldly. “Chessia, what is it about, protecting the descendant of ancient god? Are you gonna betray Lord Khaos?”

        “I’m just about to ask you! What is it about for the attack! You were trying to kill us both!” She wore a coquettish smile. “I’m sick of you boring gits! Tell Khaos. Before I’ve had enough fun, no one can hurt Mesopotamia!”

        “You wild kitty doesn’t deserve to serve Lord Khaos! Take my punishment!”
        “Show me what you got!” Chessia summoned fire element to cast blazing flames over Aether; the flames then transformed into a fierce beast, swallowing her up.

        “Victory is not on your side yet. We won’t give up so soon…” Aether soon vanished into thin air.

        “Tut! It’s just a phantom.” The displeased Chessia bit her nails. At this moment, a person pulled her hand——“Won’t you regret this?” Mesopotamia asked worriedly.

        “Humph, never.” Chessia put her hands around Mesopotamia’s neck and opened her ruddy lips. “Since you found my soul, then it’s your responsibility to guide me through, my prince.”

        Chessia tipped her toes to leave a rosy kiss on the Mesopotamia’s face as a brand...

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