“Few kids paced back and forth on an old rocky road, giving away leaflets from a wood basket. The content of which had caught people’s attention. Those interested rushed to snatch the remaining leaflets from the kids’ hands regardless of manners.

        In the leaflet, Cleo looked like a completely different person from the past. She was willowy, passionate and open. This material highlighted the promotion of her sequel song “Light of Flames”.

        Attracted by her fame, the performance venue was jam packed. Sitting in the backstage, Cleo was satisfied as she saw the seats were all booked up.

        “Why don’t you just retire from career instead of putting up a meaningless last ditch struggle? You’re humiliating yourself, you know?” The young performer sneered, “anyways, it’s still entertaining to see how you make a fool of yourself. I’ll enjoy your last show.”

        Cleo could not care less about her taunt and responded with a smile before stepping on the stage. She was convinced that she would gain everyone’s attention back this time.

        “Mortals, open your eyes. All your attentions are mine!”

        Cleo took a leap; fire was lit on the edge of the stage in perfect timing, with blazing flames spreading to the air. She passed through the fire rising like a reborn phoenix. All the audience was fascinated by Cleo’s refreshing performance.

        Although her skin was burnt, the infatuated gazes of the audience made Cleo forget the pain.

        As she grabbed the microphone, she pulled out a blade from her waist. The reflection of silver gleams brightened up the moving spotlights. The dance, her rhythmic singing and the composition of percussion and string, altogether had created a lively symphony.

        Cleo’s brand new image and performance kept bringing visual impacts to the audience. They put their hands up, moved their bodies and cheered for the show.

        Bathing in the passionate gazes, Cleo tossed the blade to the air pleasantly. Few seconds later, the blade fell down fast and almost stabbed into her own body. She moved a couple of steps but barely dodged the weapon, leaving a cut on her thigh.

        Regardless of her wound, Cleo took out a fan to replace with the blade and continued her music performance. The shout and applause of the audience had not stopped even when the show was over.

        “Bravo! You’re absolutely amazing!”

        In the backstage, Cleo’s performance was also well-received by other performers. As Cleo heard of it, she did not say a word but sniggered.

        “Not only the audience, I can even make you all feel impressed easily.”

        The young performer, flying into a fury, stomped towards the stage manager and grabbed his collar.

        “What the heck is those flames! Why didn’t you tell me before,” the young performer scolded. The manager shook his head in panic to prove his innocence. “I need that flames in my performance. Get it done now! Or you’re doomed,” the young performer said as she pointed at his nose.

        Then, she ran out to the stage immediately. Although the cheers and applause for Cleo had not stopped, the young performer took the microphone in order to grab the limelight.

        Following her instruction, the stage manager released the fire; tongue of flames in the air began to cover every inch of her skin in full blaze.

        Cleo burst into laughter while listening to the young performer’s scream. This magnificent scene was exactly the finale she want for her song the “Light of Flames”.

        “Those who stole the limelight will become my stepping stones, ignite for me and die in ashes.”

        Cleo went out to the stage again. Unaware of the truth, the audience was attracted by her performance as usual. Cheers echoed all over the entire place.

        Once again, she thought of that beautiful scene. Cleo was on the top of the pyramid; and everyone swarmed to admire her, look at her, until the end of time.

        Her golden flower would never fade; Her light of flames would blossom eternally.

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