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        While Yuanshi Tianzun was helping the Zodiacs with other Xian in the realm of Gods, the god soldiers had a raid on the Heavenly Kingdom. However, facing the bellicosity of Tongtian Jiaozhu, it sent a chill down their spines…

        “Now, who’s next?” He smiled. However, the soldiers dared not act recklessly.
        “No answer. Well, I’ll take all of you down then.” Tongtian Jiaozhu sprinted towards them with great speed.

        He conjured two fire dragons with both fists. The dragons pierced through the enemies one by one and burnt them all to ashes right away. As this skill took up most of the energy, he was exhausted, kneeling down on the ground. As his energy faded, the dragons also vanished. There were just a few soldiers left in the Heavenly Kingdom…

        Tongtian Jiaozhu wanted to continue the battle, but he had not fully recovered his strength. Knowing that he was already used up, the soldiers approached boldly. As their weapons were about to attack, a lightning chain stroke the god soldiers, who then fell down immediately.

        It was Jiang Ziya, who was worried about the safety of Tongtian Jiaozhu and came to help him in the nick of time.

        “Are you alright?” After noticing Tongtian Jiaozhu was fine, Jiang Ziya helped him up right away.

        When he carried Tongtian Jiaozhu back to the Heavenly Kingdom, they found that the magic barrier has already had a deep crack. If they did not fix it in time, the barrier would be broken easily when the soldiers made another attack again. Once it was broken, demons coveting the power of Xian would surely attack the Heavenly Kingdom, putting their lives at stake.

        “Ziya, bring me the inkstone in my room. I have to repair the magical barrier now,” Tongtian Jiaozhu said as he sat cross-legged, adjusting his energy.

        “You've already used most of your energy in the previous battle. Fixing the barrier requires a considerable amount of power. You'll hurt yourself if you continue overusing your energy.”

        “So what.” Tongtian Jiaozhu smiled, “Everyone is trying their best to protect the Heavenly Kingdom. How can I give up so easily? I must hurry up before they make another strike.”

        “...Understood.” Ziya nodded, and then leapt into the air, flying towards the residence of Tongtian Jiaozhu to bring him the inkstone.

        “Here you are, the inkstone.”

        Tongtian Jiaozhu took it; he gathered Xian power at the center of the kingdom. Then, his body was coated with crimson light, which began to gather on the tip of his blush. He threw the inkstone to the sky and swung the blush——When he gave it a sweep, an iridescent light was released! The blush was painted with rainbow colours right away.

        He pointed the blush at the magic barrier and drew different symbols in the sky gently. The iridescent light filled the Heavenly Kingdom, which was breathtakingly beautiful. Covered in sweat, Tongtian Jiaozhu kept swinging the blush; the light was sent to the crack and replenished the barrier…

        As he stopped, the light faded accordingly. He was used up and fell. Witnessing such situation, Ziya came over right away to catch him. Due to overuse of energy, Tongtian Jiaozhu spat blood over the ground, leaving a red trace.

        “That will do...Please protect the kingdom for me.”
        “Tongtian Jiaozhu!” Ziya checked his pulse, which was in disorder.

        “The overuse of Xian energy has led to inner disorder. If it continues, it will pose a threat to his life!” Ziya felt helpless. At this moment, Tongtian Jiaozhu was wrapped by a stream of water. Meanwhile, a familiar figure showed up.

        “Master!” Ziya was surprised.

        “Thanks to Giemsa, she told me this is all Khaos's trickery. I come back as fast as I can, and can't believe the Gods will do such a despicable act...”

        “Closing his eyes, Yuanshi Tianzun concentrated on healing Tongtian Jiaozhu. Before long, his situation gradually recovered. “Brother...,” he murmured.

        “You did a great job,”Yuanshi Tianzun said as he retrieved the water. Tongtian Jiaozhu gathered Xian energy inwardly. Although it was not as smooth as usual, the situation was way better than before. He looked at Yuanshi Tianzun and said, “we cannot stand on the sidelines anymore. Even if we don’t offend the Gods, they still push us too far. To protect the Heavenly Kingdom, we must unite the Xian.”

        “We’re willing to fight for the kingdom at your command. Please, let me go into battle with you, Master!” Jiang Ziya stepped forward; the determined reflected in his eyes had impressed Yuanshi Tianzun.

        “Sigh...You both are right. Maybe we’re destined to be involved in this battle…”

        Yuanshi Tianzun changed his mind. Instead of fighting alone, he summoned all Xian and marched on the Enochian Tower. Tongtian Jiaozhu, who had not fully restored his strength yet, decided to stay with other junior Xian who were not good at fighting…
        “I’ll will risk my life to protect the kingdom so that they can concentrate on the battle.”