Parvati brought Shiva to rest in front of a dye shop. The colors of the dye were just like chakras’, which made her recall the battle scene that just happened. It was her first time to see the power of reaching all the seven chakras. Even though Indra fully understood the Chakra Theory, he had never shown it before Parvati.

        “That’s the power of 7 chakras…” She gazed at Shiva, who kept bothering the shop owner like a lunatic.

        “Go away! Stop messing around! This is just a red dye, not a woman! What’s wrong with you!”
        “It’s true! The white dye is a man. He is trying to flirt with that woman.” Shiva insisted.

        His nonsense almost drove the shop owner mad, so Parvati took him away immediately. Shocked by the way he behaved, she could not help but ask him a question while pointing at the grass. “The cries of the grass are so noisy,” he responded.

        Then, she pointed at a tree. “The snore of it was loud,” he answered

        Parvati heaved a deep sigh. “Are you truly mad…? I’m going to ask you more about the chakra.”

        She did not want to leave him alone. That’s why Parvati brought him together to find Brahma and Shatarupa so that she could help him regain rationality with chakra. Day after day she was waiting for good news of their whereabouts or Shiva’s bizarre sickness, but it was in vain. Although she was aware that her power was not strong enough to cure him, she still insisted on it every day.

        Later on, both of them came to a snow mountain. Affected by two blazes of scarlet light in the sky, the snow was painted red. If you touched it, you could slightly feel warmth inside. Parvati sat on the ground, preparing for healing Shiva. Attracted by the boundless red snow, he kept still for a moment.

        Suddenly, he followed the sway of the flames to demonstrate various weird poses. Taking headstand with the forearms resting on the ground, he clasped his hands and the head resting in the triangle formed by the forearms. His legs then dropped toward the back of his head as in scorpion pose.

        Intrigued by Shiva, Parvati followed him to do the poses subconsciously; both of them were performing groups of actions on the mountain. Soon, she could sense the cool air current gathering under her abdomen, as if it was connected to her body. Such comfortable feeling made her feel safe.

        The flash of red prana flowed all over Parvati’s body to the abdomen and opened up her root chakra. At this moment, she could even feel the pulsation of the entire snow-capped mountain, grounding herself into the earth.

        The temperature of the area suddenly became hot, as if they were sitting on lava; a ground-shaking noise reached their ears. The mountain peak was splitting into half, resulting in an avalanche that started sweeping towards the two of them with high speed.

        “Oh no! An avalanche!” Shocked by the scene, Parvati grabbed Shiva’s hand and escaped right away, but the danger was imminent and they were not going to make it.

        In the nick of time, she was embraced by a warm body. This body was transparent like crystal. She could see an iridescent light flowing through each energy channel, each node of the body. It was strong and vibrant. Shiva, who showed no fear of the blizzard, positioned his hand in front of his chest; prana came out with a gush, transforming into a shield to wrap them up. As long as the snow touched the shield, it would evaporate within a second. Eventually, both of them were safe and sound.

        After a while, the snow mountain became tranquil again. Trees, plants and paths were all covered with snow, which formed hillocks everywhere. When Parvati wanted to check if Shiva was alright, he slightly lifted her chin and kissed her lips unexpectedly.

        “Interesting...there are lots of milky spheres around us when I kiss you.” Shiva made fun of her.

        On the contrary, Parvati pushed him away and asked, “are you really crazy or faking it?!”

        Shiva responded with a smile. “I’m your madman only. These days you have been staying with me, healing me. I’ve already fallen in love with you.” He took her hands and flattered her with sweet talks.

        Parvati had goosebumps after listening the words. “Who-who wants you to be my madman! You must have overused the prana and went insane. From now on, you need to learn the basic theory from the beginning!” She blushed.

        “Are you going to teach me?”

        Parvati, at a loss for words at this moment, continued walking; and Shiva simply followed this beautiful lady with a smile.

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