In the bitter cold tundra, there lived a tribe where the people hunted animals, especially weaker penguins, for a living. At the beginning, they hunted penguins only for food; yet later, the hunting developed into a contest among the people: the one who caught the most penguins would earn the most glory. Eventually, all the penguins had disappeared. Losing their most important food source, the villagers gradually became emaciated.

        Later, a Demon army raided the tribe. Unable to resist, the whole village were slaughtered by Demons in a single night with an infant being the sole exception. The innocent infant had yet to understand that its entire family had been killed. It loudly wailed; the reason could be hunger, or perhaps discomfort caused by the bitter cold — but it mattered not; none of its family remained.

        A rookery of chubby, dark figures waddled towards the remains of village. The penguin in the front was, palpably more robust and sinewy than the others; while all other penguins followed closely behind as per their leader’s instructions. The penguin leader had followed the infant’s shrills to it. Gently wrapping it within its wings, the penguin scooped it up. The infant stopped crying immediately, and started chuckling. The higher the penguin lifted it up, the louder the infant giggled.

        At the moment, the pair of wings holding the infant gradually changed back into Human arms. With the blink of an eye, the penguin had turned into a gorgeous woman. She gently stroked the infant’s cheeks; upon the tender touch, the infant held its dainty little hands out, attempting to grasp the woman’s finger. She glanced back at the innocent infant and sighed after she looked around. She could not help but shake her head, for she knew it clearly that if she left the infant here in solitude, this fragile life would be doomed to perish... Firmly holding the infant close to her chest, the woman decided to bring it back to the penguins’ habitat and raise it herself.

        This unique penguin was in fact a Druid. Besides manipulating the power of nature, she was also capable of turning into an animal. Thus, she morphed into a penguin and lived together with them, ensuring over-hunting would not drive them to extinction. After the penguin Druid took the infant back with her, she gave it a new name — Dodo.

        As the day passed, Dodo grew up under the care of the penguin Druid. In the beginning, she only wished to see Dodo growing up safe. This did not change until one day, to her surprise, she noticed that Dodo could communicate with the penguins. From then on, she decided to train him as her successor. Thus, she began imparting various knowledge to him, guiding him to utilize the power of nature.

        However, she understood very well that the power of nature was imbued with an immense strength. If it fell into the wrong hands, it would result in irremediable consequences... Therefore, the Druid instilled moral values in the child, in the hope that he would become a truly gracious and generous Druid in the future.

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