“Satan...Stop it...Satan…!”

        It was not until Dodo opened his eyes and felt the softness under his body did he realize that he was no longer lying on the icy ground, but in bed.

        “You’re finally awake, Dodo.” The teacher softly said while she wiped the sweat off Dodo’s forehead. Upon seeing his teacher, Dodo cheered up. He immediately sat up, only to find a sense of emptiness on his left side…

        “My, my arm!” Dodo grabbed his left shoulder and kept touching that general area. He knew that he had lost his left arm, but nonetheless, he wanted it back. However, the only thing he could feel was the incompleteness of his body.

        “Dodo, your arm is just a part of your body. If you cheer up, you could...” Before the teacher could finish her sentence, Dodo interrupted: “How are the penguins?”

        The teacher made no response. She took a deep breath and said: “Those passed away will rest in peace and return to the nature.”

        Dodo’s eyes were wide-open. He suddenly recalled everything that had happened, especially the scene where Satan executed all the penguins. He wanted to utter something or try to deny the tragedy; however, he knew it was a fact.

        “It’s all my fault...I am not competent enough to be a Druid...I deserve to lose my arm...” Dodo kept blaming himself. The teacher spread her wings and hugged Dodo, saying: “Dodo, hang in there…”

        The icy ground was in the polar day. Rays of sunlight shone onto the ice. No sound could be heard. No color other than white could be seen. Upon regaining his energy, Dodo immediately set off to wander around the icy ground, holding onto the last ray of hope of finding a penguin. However, everything around him was covered in white. In the past, he would encounter a group of penguins who would waddle around and seek food with him. Now, the icy mountains still stood tall while his companions were no longer with him. He blamed himself for his incompetency. Every time he thought of Satan slaughtering the penguins, Dodo would furiously gather an elemental sphere but would always fail to do so. The only thing he could grab was a puff of cold air.

        A chill ran down Dodo’s spine. He kept waving his right hand, but failed to grab anything. An intangible pressure suddenly fell upon his shoulders. Dodo knelt down on the icy ground. His mind was blank.

        “Is this the price I pay?” Dodo sadly asked. Everything that was precious to him: his left arm, his penguins, his elemental power were all gone. With that thought in mind, he felt helpless. His last resort was crying…

        “How long has it been since the last time I cried?” Dodo buried his face in the snow. His tears melted with the ice. He buried his face deeper into the ground. A chilling puff of steam along with a familiar smelt flooded into his nose…

        “...These are...eggs?” Dodo opened his eyes and dug the snow. As expected, he found two penguin eggs buried deep inside the snow.

        A warm feeling flushed through Dodo’s body. He carefully carried the eggs and returned home to tell his teacher.

        “The Power of Element originates from life. Dodo, everything has its way. All that was lost will return one day.” The teacher encouraged Dodo to cheer up, study the power of Elements again, and help the hatching of the penguin eggs. In the beginning, with only one arm, Dodo was completely lost. However, after he saw the two eggs, he pulled himself together. Finally, Light Element gradually gathered in his hand, weak but warm. He protected the eggs with the warmth. During the last polar day, a cracking sound broke the silence. As the eggs cracked bit by bit, the breath of life fused with the cold stuffy air…

        Two tiny baby penguins cracked the eggs and emerged to rub against Dodo’s hand.

        “The icy ground not only needs life, but also light.” Dodo looked up at the starry night sky. Two little penguins closely followed him, staring at Dodo’s right wing, the black skin on his back and the claws on his feet. After half a year's practice, Dodo mastered the spirit of beasts.. He understood even more about life.

        “Teacher, please take care of them.” Dodo firmly hugged his teacher and said: “When I return, I will bring light to this icy ground.”

        Wiping her tears, the teacher held the little penguin's’ wings and saw Dodo off, watching his figure march towards the aurora...

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