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        In the abyss, Saruman was thinking about how to elevate himself to be more powerful. The power of elements gathered in the air and wrapped him up, creating a vision for him to go on a different path…...

        When Loki, claiming himself to be the king of abyss, came to the abyss, he crushed every creatures in there with his overwhelming power; Even Saruman, the strongest one among the elves, was no match of him.

        “Stronger… stronger...stronger…” this thought had been lingering in Saruman’s mind. Not long before, Pollux the Zodiac made an offer to him, offering help to get rid of Loki as long as Saruman promise to turn against the demons. But Saruman needed no mercy, nor commands from others.

        “Saruman, where are the stuffs that I told you to prepare for me?” Loki’s voice interrupted Saruman’s thought. He pushed Saruman away from the throne and sat on it, the throne that once belonged to Saruman.

        Saruman realized that Loki had ordered him to prepared offerings and find some new-born elves as tributes, but the order was obviously forgotten. Looking at his zoned out face, Loki understood that Saruman had forgotten his command. He decided to punish Saruman hard in front of the Night Elf.

        Loki took his rage out on Saruman, bashing him with a great dark elemental power. Poor Saruman could only kneel before Loki and took the hits, but he didn’t want to accept it. He gathered his power, trying to fight back.

        “Wanna resist?” Loki caught Saruman’s move, and instantly stepped on his hand brutally then kicked his mask away.

        “Huh, you loser. Get my things ready by tomorrow!”

        Saruman watched Loki leaving the scene. The frightened Night Elf was gonna approach to console, but the furious Saruman shut him out. Enormous resentment filled Saruman, screaming within himself.

        “I will settle this humiliation and reclaim the throne of the abyss!”

        The rage within drove Saruman out of control, unleashing his power. Dark elemental power smashed the mask on the floor into pieces, attacking the abyss in all direction. The whole abyss shaked and a painful cry sounded from a limitless space.

        “Power… I need power! A power that could conquer everything!”

        “Right at that moment, deep down in the abyss shot a few beams of purple light at Saruman, like echoing his scream. Light beams then intertwined with Saruman.

        “AHHHH! My face…” a new mask gradually formed and covered on Saruman’s face, releasing a powerful energy to his body.

        “I am Saruman… No, I’m the abyss… No! I am the master of this place. I possess the power to control everything in the abyss!”

        The possessed Saruman felt unprecedentedly powerful, so he decided to “abolish” himself, blending into the abyss and becoming a part of it. Since then, Saruman’s trails filled the abyss and his voice echoed everywhere, “You can’t escape the agony of sacrifice. People in the abyss shall trap in hatred and resentment for eternity…”

        “It is not shameful to borrow power and become strong, for the weaks do not even have the chance to be ashamed.”