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        Domon was born into a tribe which valued martial skills. His skills had excelled those of his mentors since he was young. Among those of his age, only a young girl could match up to him. He could hardly ward her off for she possessed immense strength, and could only cope with his agile movements. Domon was glad that there was a competitive opponent whom he could practice with. However, her family soon sent her away for her overwhelming strength. Domon made a promise with her, that they both must become invincible warriors before their reunion in the future.

        Before the girl’s departure, Domon secretly asked her out for one final match. He was surprised to see the girl shedding tears amid the battle, and was therefore struck by her tight fist, and blood poured out like a river. The tribesmen who stumbled across the scene brought Domon away and the girl was sent away immediately.

        From the Court of Capricorn, Domon’s family beseeched for the blood of the Sabbatic Goat to heal his injuries. Upon his recovery, a pair of goat horns had grown on Domon’s head, while he had also become as nimble as a goat. However, Domon could recall nothing about his friend since then.

        Domon, who possessed excellent combat skills after he had grown up, became the representative of his tribe, seeking challenges everywhere and was granted the title of Boulder Crusher. Yet, there was always a misty shadow lurking in his memory, urging him to look for and defeat her.

        Domon would be excited every time he heard about a worthy foe, that his steps would accelerate together with his heartbeat. He had been mounting challenges everywhere persistently, trying to prove his strength as well as filling in the blank in his memory...

        “I don’t have to be the strongest martialist. I just know that I must beat you!”