Minerelves’ Record Story Ch. 14

        Opal, holding her exam papers, was running in the school hallway, all the way to the classroom at the end of the corridor——Voyager club.

        The tiny classroom was stuffed with debris. The piles even covered the entire window. However, having Diamond inside had made the room shine instead of looking gloomy.

        “Senior! I made it! I got straight passes!” Opal felt proud as she raised the exam papers high in front of Diamond.

        “Really?” Diamond took the papers. Although the marks were at the margin, undoubtedly she had passed.

        “This is awesome! Now you won’t be detained!”

        “All thanks to your tutorial class for me every day. I’m truly grateful for your help!” Opal was moved into tears. While she was trying to hug Diamond, Diamond spontaneously avoided——For some reasons, he would feel nauseous when being touched by female.

        “You earn this.”

        “Nooo. Without your guidance, fool like me wouldn’t have passed the exams. All in all, I owe you a big one. And I shall repay it…” Opal raised her chin to ponder. Soon she came up with something, scanning at Diamond strangely.

        Her gaze somehow sent chills down Diamond’s spine. A bad feeling started lingering in his heart. “Wh-what? Something on my face?”

        “I have a good idea.” Opal wore a sweet smile. “Let me design a suit for you!”

        “Em?” Diamond was shocked to scream with low voice, which put Opal in total confusion. “Ah...It’s very kind of you, but I’m fine with my apparel.”

        “What a waste! Look! You have a good figure and a beautiful face. Dress up yourself and I’m sure every elf will be succumbed to you! Come and let me measure your body!” Opal took out a tape measure, approaching Diamond slowly.

        “Gosh, she’s serious. I gotta run.” Diamond moved softly.

        As his intention was seen through by Opal, she was one step faster to hold him still. During the struggle, he was overcome by nausea.

        “Relax. I’m not gonna hurt you, hehe…”

        “This is NOT a gratitude at all!” Diamond grumbled in his heart. At the same time, he was thinking about how to get out——

        “Stop!” A female voice cut in; then a figure rushed into the classroom to pull Diamond away.

        “Jade!” Astounded, he saw his old friend. In order to stop Diamond from leaving this country, Jade had made every attempt to expose his disguise as a girl, resulting in quarrels.

        “Are you gonna stop me again?” Diamond was alert.

        Jade shook her head, maintaining eye contact with him. “I’ve figured it out. If I can’t change your thought, I’ll change mine then.”

        “What do you mean?”

        “If you want to adventure the world, so be it. I’ll follow you and protect you by all means.”

        “You…” Diamond was moved by Jade’s will. Her determination to protect him was absolute. Although this was not what he wanted, his heart was still rippled by her action.

        “Hey! You’re disturbing us you know? Let go of her. It’s our private time.” Watching the interaction between Diamond and Jade, Opal was jealous and grabbed Diamond’s left hand immediately.

        Jade then pulled his right hand with an angry glare at Opal. “NO! Diamond is my best friend. Mind your own business!”

        “This is my business! Diamond and I are best partners!” Opal tried hard to pull him back, but Jade did not let her.

        Diamond, who was stuck in the middle of a tug of war, struggled to suppress nausea, which was about to reach the threshold. His face started to turn pale.

        “I, I can’t hold any longer…”

        When he was close to throw up, a red-orange figure appeared, charged into the middle to carry Diamond away and leapt back to the door——It was Amber, member of the voyager club.

        “She is not a thing. Don’t treat her like your trophy,” Amber whispered. But her tone carried weight, which overwhelmed both Opal and Jade at the same time.

        “Hey you! This is the voyager club. Get out if you’re not our members! Don’t drag down our society activities.” Ruby, Chairlady of the voyager club, ordered akimbo.

        “I must protect Diamond at all costs!”

        “I can’t lose Diamond to help me graduate from my studies!”

        Despite their varying reasons, Jade’s and Opal’s target were the same. “I wanna join the club,” both spoke together.

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