“Draco, are you still practising? Nightfall is about to come. It’ll be dangerous if you stay,” a girl Ellie said to Draco, who was practising sword in the woods. Draco stopped; A drop of sweat rolled down from her face, wetting the scales on her body.

        “I can’t. The audition for astralist is coming. I gotta work harder,” Draco explained herself.

        “Sigh, our Draco is hardworking as always. With all the victories you had, there’s no reason for the ancient god not to pick you,” said Ellie.

        “Who knows. Nobody can figure out the ancient god’s thought.”

        “No, the spotlight must be yours. The ancient god will acknowledge your effort too.”

        The heart-warming smile of Ellie had touched Draco’s heart, but this warmth vanished very soon as the ancient god eventually didn’t choose Draco to be the astralist. Instead, Ellie who was way weaker took the role. Despite this shocking decision, everyone accepted for the authority of ancient god was absolute, except Draco. She couldn’t help herself and barged into the ancient god’s palace.

        “Our mighty ancient god, please enlighten me. Why didn’t you choose me as the astralist?” Draco asked.

        “To be an astralist, you do not just have a powerful strength, but also a heart of purity. Draco, you have too many stray thoughts and desires. That’s why you’re not qualified,” the ancient god explained to Draco, hoping that she could understand. Yet Draco couldn’t be reasoned.

        “I guess I’d better save my words as the decision has been made. Please excuse me,” Draco said grimly as she left the palace in disappointment. On her way back home, a figure ran into her.

        “This aura...It’s a demon!” Draco pulled out the weapon immediately while glaring at Belial, a young male demon. The demon posed like surrendering himself with a flattering smile.

        “I’m not here for fighting. After all the demons you’ve taken down, don’t you feel dejected when the seat of astralist turned out not to be yours?” Belial asked.

        “...What’s your agenda?” Draco threw the question back to Belial.

        “I’m here to offer a deal only. We don’t need some sort of a pure heart. Anyone who is strong deserves to be honored. Does it sound good to you?”

        Draco retreated her weapon and stared at Belial. “Are you asking me to betray the ancient gods?”

        “I wouldn’t say betrayal, for they abandoned you at the first place. I’ll come back tomorrow. Please take your time to consider my offer,” said Belial.

        After the conversation, Belial turned into a smoke and vanished in thin air. Draco kept thinking about Belial’s words on her way back home. When she arrived at the doorstep, Ellie, who had been waiting all along, stopped her for a conversation.

        “Draco… Are you alright? I heard that you barged into the palace…” Ellie asked worriedly.

        “Is that a lecture for my attitude towards the ancient god? Master astralist,” Draco responded Ellie’s kindness with sarcasm.

        Ellie felt hurt inside, but she decided to brace herself and continued, “Draco, I know it’s hard for you, but please don’t give up. Why don’t we protect the world together? Now I can share my power to you as an astralist.”

        Ellie made an offer out of good will, but she didn’t realize that this gesture just crushed the last hope Draco had.

        “AHAHAHA! Not only all my effort went into vain, but also got sympathized by weakling...I’ll never forget this disgrace,” Draco sworn inside her heart, but she pretended to be mild and held Ellie’s hand.

        “Thank you. I’ll take it. Let’s fight together,” said Draco gently.

        Ellie delightfully shared the astralist power to Draco and invited her to battle the demons tomorrow. Once Ellie left, the smile on Draco’s face was gone completely. “Show yourself,” said Draco.

        “Ouch, got exposed.”

        Belial showed up with a grin and said, “anything I can help?”

        “You have my answer now,” Draco said as she reached her hand at Belial, and she continued, “I’m in.”

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