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        Since the mysterious man defeated Guan Yu and taken her horse, she started indulging in alcohol. She used to genuinely enjoy the taste of beer, but now she poured beers through her throat bottles after bottles everyday until she passed out. She never retaliated when challengers came at her. She had lost her will to fight and drowned herself into her alcoholic addiction.
        Eventually no one challenged her anymore. People said the unbeatable Guan Yu had been gone. She became a soulless meatbag. The rumor did not bother her, because they were right about her. She drank from dusk to dawn. When she was drunk, she would sleep on the street or or vomit everything in her stomach.. The restaurant owner once tried to talk some sense into her, but she did not listen. He never talked to her again.
        One day, Guan Yu drank like a fish amidst a pile of empty bottles. She held a bottle in each hand and poured beer into her mouth. Babble filled the restaurant as a man carrying a panda on his shoulders entered. Guan Yu glanced at him through her eyes’ corners, and continued drinking without interest.
        The man stood in front of Guan Yu and said, ‘If you surrender to reality, you will never be able to change anything. A heart full of faith and ambition is the key to a desirable future,’ The man took a scroll from his sleeve, ‘Defeat this man to bring hope to our people, our country.’ Guan Yu turned away as he opened the scroll and grunted, ‘I don’t care about our country and the future. Leave me alone before you get hurt.’
        The man did not give up. He strode over and flicked the scroll open. The bottom of the scroll hit her bottle before she could react! Beer splashed on the floor as the bottle shattered. ‘I said I don’t care! Stop bothering me!’ said Guan Yu as she grabbed the scroll and rolled it up. ‘Why? Take a look first before you decide.’ He’d unrolled the scroll again but she gripped his hands. The man easily broke free to Guan Yu’s surprise. He was stronger than he looked.
        Guan Yu tried to grab the scroll the man was tossing between his hands, but he threw the scroll to the right hand the moment she aimed for the left, and vice versa, as if he could predict her movements. He bounced from one table to another as she chased from behind. Guan Yu did not notice she had left the bottles and indulged in the fight. She bared her hands to focus. The intense exchange of fists and kicks had awakened her fighting instinct. She could feel her lost martial spirit had found its way back. 'Guan Yi grinned. It had been a long time she felt so pumped up.'
        Finally, the man gasped and stopped. Guan Yu stopped chasing as well. He asked, ‘What’s wrong? Don’t you want my scroll?’ She smiled, ‘I’ve found something important I lost. Those beers you ruined...Well, I can let it slide.’
‘My name’s Liu Bei. You’re stronger than I heard.' He stood up and reached his hand to Guan Yu, who shook his hand in return, ‘I’m Guan Yu. Pleasure to meet you.’ His shaking hand unrolled the scroll, which revealed the face of the man Guan Yu loathed from the bottom of her heart! ‘ the man who humiliated me and stole my horse!’ She tore the scroll into shreds to vent her fury.
        Liu Bei stepped closer and added, ‘His name is Cao Cao. He killed innocent men and dictated the country. I’m recruiting the talent to stand against Cao Cao! You possess incredible martial talent. We can root out that demon together and bring peace to the world, if you join us.’ Guan Yu raised her Green Dragon Crescent Blade. Covered in a layer of dust, the edge remained startlingly sharp. She stood at the door and looked back, ‘What are we waiting for? I thought you wanted to gather the talent against Cao Cao?’ Liu Bei nodded with a smile. He left the restaurant with Guan Yu. She wondered if she would get the chance to fight Cao Cao again to reclaim her horse and pride. She had never forgotten the shame of losing to Cao Cao. It was time to avenge her shame..