Sean the Swordsman once made an oath with the frail sorceress, the young druid, the proud Earl and the reticent beguine that they would spend their whole lives fighting chaos and protecting each other, even if these meant their final sacrifices. Sean has been holding his father’s magical sword, which allow him to guard his companions in battles and burn his soul. Sean was entitled “Dragon Rider” for his accomplishments on the battlefield.

        Dragon Rider Sean was honored as a hero: he and his companions prevented the Demons from capturing Enochian Tower. They climbed up to where the tower was broken together and brought a peaceful era to the people. Sean and his companions defeated countless beasts and demons in the tower. His courage was recognized by the Knight of Runes and he defeated the Dragon of Poison. The sorceress was the only one who knew the burden that the flame of dragon imposed on Sean. Even though the sorceress told him not to, he fought with determination and escorted his companions to the staircase using his Sword of Fire. At the end of the staircase, the Taker of Souls would let them pass only if they left Sean behind. Sean knew the intention of the goddess and convinced his companions and the crying sorceress to keep going. “Open the door on my behalf! I cannot simply give up in front of a challenge, just like my father!”

        Hence, Sean’s companions went through the door; they tried to search for their own answers at the other end of the Tower. Sean and the Valkyrie looked at each other and smiled. He set fire to his life in the dragon flame to fight against her. Before the victory was determined, Sean’'s soul had already been melted in the element of fire and had connected with the power of Runestones. With the blessing of the Valkyrie, his soul was preserved in the Runestones forever and fought together with those who attempted to climb the Tower.

        “For peace and our oath!”

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