Regardless of time, mages and scholars search endlessly for the power of Gods. Some insane wizards tried to control the power of the gigantic dragons in the ancient times through rituals, but they accidentally summoned uncontrollable Ethereal Dragons to the realm of men. In order to control their enormous power, those wizards combined the power of Ethereal Dragons with human beings and created some half-human, half-dragon lifeforms. These lifeforms were capable of communicating with dragons. They were called Dragon Spiritors by the wizards.

        ‘The lord of eternal darkness. The Primordial Dragon with an ancient origin... They are darkness, which waits in the end of everything; it is doom, which resides within terror.’

        The Dark Ethereal Dragon was the first to be studied. The wizards made changes on the spell of runes they used to summon Faugn at the beginning, and inscribed it on the back of children so as to enable allow the power of the Ethereal Dragon to change the children’s bodies as they grew. Children who possessed the power of the Dark Ethereal Dragon were solitary. Their body developed characteristics of dragons, such as horns, scales, tails and wings... They grew slow, but, apart from their appearances, the Dark Dragon Spiritors were almost indifferent from ordinary people. Until one time, the children quarreled for unknown reasons. Their strong power destroyed their residence. The resonance between Dracospirits exceeded the expectations of wizards. Since then, the wizards restrained the unstable power of the Dragon Spiritors with enchanted chains. The wizards were excited about the powerfulness of the Spiritors. They moved to somewhere far away from home to continue their insane researches, in hope of controlling the power of Ethereal Dragons again through Dragon Spiritors.

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