Standing in the ritual magic circle, the children were surrounded by levitating stone statues. Barbara was among them. Holding in hand the wooden ball given by the adults, she was only expecting that everything could end as soon as possible. Two children hugged each other out of nervousness, while Barbara stared with bulging eyes, thinking about what kind of game it was. As usual, she listened to the sound of the wind and the meanings within. She knew the rite was about to begin. Gentle wind blew into the holes of the wooden ball. The sound told her that at last they could appear in front of her. Barbara sucked her thumb, looking forward to biting her soulmates.

        ‘... When the world was in chaos, the primordial dragons blocked it, breaking their wings...’

        The clan of Barbara had been worshipping the wind and the eternal primordial dragons. They respected trees as well. They thought the circulating wind was the breaths of the dragons, who was on the towering trees sharing his breath to everyone beneath. When the wizards in search of the Ethereal Dragons approached the clan, the elder of the clan welcomed them heartily and even introduced them to other clans. The enthusiasm of the elder struck a chord with the wizards so they decided to seek the power of the dragons together with the clans.

        The wizards connected the children of the clans with the origins of the Ethereal Dragons. However, most of the children were just absorbed in endless whispers, with only few of them able to make friends with the Dracospirits... Later, the wizards offered the Dracospirits a body, so that the tiny Ethereal Dragons could grow with the children, in order to ease their anxiety. The wizards and the elder placed high hopes on the children, hoping them to receive the blessings and power of the dragons.

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