“Mom?” Agatha looked around. Seeing the floating stone statues around her, she grew increasingly nervous. “Where are you?” A child next to her approached and comforted her, “No worries, we will go home soon.” But that girl was different from Agatha. Unlike Agatha, who had a pair of horns above her ears, the child only had a single horn on her forehead. The girl embraced Agatha, “Don’t worry, I’m with you.” But then the kid began crying. Agatha patted her to cheer her up. The crying child’s naked back was extraordinarily cold. Caressing it with her warm hands, Agatha felt like she was touching a piece of silk.

        “Don’t cry. Let’s play together.”

        ‘... The world consumes the power of the Ethereal Dragons unstoppingly, and it will consume the dragons one day.’

        Agatha’s clan worshipped fire and its light. All those within the clan were tanned from kneeling before the flame and the sun everyday in adoration. According to their beliefs, fire is the blood of the Ethereal Dragon; every lifeform in the world is nourished by heat, so that lives could continue cycle after cycle. When the wizards came to the village, the clan chief reckoned it was a test. The wizards were searching for the eternal flame as they were attracted by its heat. The dragon would test the fire chasers. They would either live with the fire or be burnt into ashes.

        The clan of fire cooperated with the wizards. The clansmen painfully witnessed their children sacrificing in hope that Dragon Spiritors could be born from the pain, in order to express their gratitude to the dragon.

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