After making numerous vows, the guard finally agreed to let the boy see his fellow-creature. In the hall, a dragon-winged maiden was fettered. The end of the long chain was fixed upon a boulder. The boy raised his head and the two looked at each other. The maiden’s eyes and horns were golden, same as his, but her skin and scales were red in colour. She spread her broken red wings, taking off and landing beforethe boy. She asked him with a straight face, “Hey, little thing. Who turned you into something like this?” Overflowed by various sensations, the boy said in confusion. “My mom...”

        “What the...” the kid jumped and cuddled the maiden. The maiden’s seriousness was disturbed by the child’s behaviour. “No! I ain’t your mother! Come on! Do I look that old?”

        ‘The owner of the holy flame. The primordial dragon from the ancient times... They are light, their glamorous glints shining through the timestream; it is hope, which brings the light of eternity.’

        Warriors of Holylight hated injustice like poison. When they were tracking the murderer who eliminated the clans, they found the footprints left by some insane wizards. They chased after the wizards following the evidence and were about to arrest them. Left in chaos, the leader of the wizards fled in disorder, leaving a dragon-winged maiden and some information about their research on the Ethereal Dragons. Scholars from the city learned about Dragon Spiritors from the maiden, and they decided to create the perfect spiritor for the salvation of the astrayed Ethereal Dragons. They used a precious dragon fang as the guidance of power and the steel from heaven to forge the Sword of Dracospirits. The orphans who were not selected to become Saintly Knights would receive a final chance, in which they would become Dragon Spiritors after overcoming a series of trials. They received the power of the Ethereal Dragon under the aid of the sword, so they no longer longed for killing. Under the teachings of the Saintly Knights, the Holy Dragon Spiritors were the embodiment of righteousness. They learned to harness the power of the dragons in the Holy Temple in order to lead the dragons back on to the road of light and drive away all evil in the world.

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