Numerous stone statues were floating around the hall. The children were looking around. “Mom, where are you?” asked one of them. Little Ursula approached the child to comfort her. “No worries, we will go home soon.” Although she already knew that they were different from the rest of their clan - she was the only one among her siblings who had a tail. She stretched out one of her webbed hands, trying to pat her friend’s head in the way her parents did, but the horns on her friend’s head made it difficult for Ursula to do so. Her friend had a pair of horns, but she only got one. Ursula could only embrace her. “Relax, I’m with you.” However, as she spoke, she cried. The rumbling of the Dracospirits surrounding her told Ursula that they would be separated from their clansmen forever.

        ‘When the world expands, the Primordial Dragons share the power...’

        The children were from a clan which worshipped the dragons. The clan joined forces with powerful wizards to create Dragon Spiritors. The wizards implanted the power of the Ethereal Dragons into chosen babies. Suffering the power’s torture, only a few children survived. Therefore, the wizards summoned baby Ethereal Dragons to relieve the children’s burden with the power of their souls. The children were away from home and learned to listen to the voices of the dragons under the wizards’ teachings. They grew up with the baby dragons, which alleviated their anxiety. At the same time, by communicating with the dragons, the children suppressed their own desires of killing. The wizards had high expectations of the children. They hoped that they would be able to obtain the power of the Ethereal Dragons with the help of their creations one day.

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