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        Hearing the cries of the elves, the dragons of the sea rushed out from the palace. They passed the information to their fellows through telepathy. The water elements spread the message as they dispersed, and gathered other dragons of the sea.

        ‘Let the mosasaurs leave first. Be quick!’

        In the vortex, the dragons hovered forward as the younger dragons retreated under sea elves’ escort. The Dweller of the Sea, with its mind polluted, opened its mouth wide and tore one of the ocean troopers fiercely. The dragons howled to liberate it from insanity with their anger. The swirl of evil pneuma expelled from the Dweller drifted, and slowly wrapped another trooper in it —

        ‘Our forefathers from the ancient times, please protect the glory of our clan!’

        In the past, the Demons perforated the land with a strike, in attempt to plunder the power hidden within. Elements gushed out from the core and the ocean vibrated. As the Demons dived into the sea, the beasts in the ocean resisted intensely. The descendants of the primordial dragons even blocked the rupture of the world with their bodies. Since then, all beasts from the ancient times gathered in the ocean and battled against the Demons, which was never known to Human.

        As the only descendants of the primordial dragons, the dragons of the sea had been watching over the world. They ensured the realm stayed away from doomsday with their authority over the sea. The Gods even created beasts which could control the weather in the image of the dragons of the sea. After the first confrontation between Gods and Demons, the dragons of the sea rebuilt the world together with ascetics. The dragons chose a senior among them to communicate with Humans, who was then regarded as the Dragon King by the Humans. The Celestial Divinity and the dragons had made an agreement, that the Gods would rule the land, while the ocean belonged to the dragons of the sea...