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Starting from version 14.3, Madhead introduced Dragonware, a variation of Dragonary Crafts that increases the power of certain cards by equipping the Dragonware in the team. Most Dragonware can only be equipped to specific cards. To forge Dragonware for use, at least two copies of a card will be needed; the forging materials and even some dragonwares can be obtained from events.

List of Dragonwares[]

See also: List of Dragonware effects

Original Content[]

Race-restricted Dragonwares[]

Along with the 10th seal, Version 16.0 introduced generic, race-restricted dragonware. Although the game contains the data for all 7 modes for each race, only those shown in the table below have been released.

Available race-restricted dragonwares
Description Restriction Dragonware(s)
DCmd1.png DCmd2.png DCmd3.png DCmd4.png DCmd7.png DCmd6.png DCmd9.png
Harp of Fantasia InvHuman.png Human DC7001.png DC7002.png DC7003.png - - - -
Bone Flute InvBeast.png Beast DC7008.png DC7009.png DC7010.png - - - -
Bamboo of Fairies InvElf.png Elf DC7015.png DC7016.png DC7017.png - - - -
Cello of Dragonia InvDragon.png Dragon DC7022.png DC7023.png DC7024.png - - - -
Sacred Bell InvGod.png God - DC7031.png DC7032.png - - - -
Horn of Skull InvDemon.png Demon DC7036.png - - DC7039.png - - -
Motor Cymbal InvMachina.png Machina DC7043.png DC7044.png - - - - -
Locations to obtain above-listed dragonwares
Location Source Dragonware
Era of Enoch
10th Seal Collect the set: 8046i.png 8047i.png 8048i.png 8049i.png 8050i.png DC7002.png 7002 Harp of Fantasia Seal
Collect the set: 8051i.png 8052i.png 8053i.png 8054i.png 8055i.png DC7003.png 7003 Harp of Fantasia Spell
Collect the set: 8056i.png 8057i.png 8058i.png 8059i.png 8060i.png DC7036.png 7036 Horn of Skull Pattern
Collect the set: 8061i.png 8062i.png 8063i.png 8064i.png 8065i.png DC7039.png 7039 Horn of Skull Amulet
11th Seal Challenge of Magic Agency DC7008.png 7008 Bone Flute Pattern
The March of Demons DC7043.png 7043 Motor Cymbal Pattern
Void of the Realm
Era of Magic History of Greek Gods - Main Chapter 16 DC7001.png 7001 Harp of Fantasia Pattern
History of Greek Gods - Dead End DC7031.png 7031 Sacred Bell Spell
The History of Greek Gods ‧ Nightmare Unveiled DC7032.png 7032 Sacred Bell Amulet
The Traveler's Memories
Marks of Newborn Unsettling Shadow DC7015.png 7015 Bamboo of Fairies Pattern
Expanding Possession DC7016.png 7016 Bamboo of Fairies Seal
Starry Seal Wonderful Dreams DC7022.png 7022 Cello of Dragonia Pattern
Apocolypse Begins DC7023.png 7023 Cello of Dragonia Seal
Tales of Yamatai Kingdom Tales of Yamatai Kingdom Ch.1 DC7009.png 7009 Bone Flute Seal
Tales of Yamatai Kingdom Ch.2 DC7024.png 7024 Cello of Dragonia Spell
Tales of Yamatai Kingdom Ch.3 DC7044.png 7044 Motor Cymbal Seal
Tales of Yamatai Kingdom Ch.4 DC7010.png 7010 Bone Flute Spell
Tales of Yamatai Kingdom Ch.5 DC7017.png 7017 Bamboo of Fairies Spell

Forgeable Dragonwares[]

  • Certain dragonwares can be forged in the Craft Furnace, using the following materials:
    • 5/6/7★ form of the card (This will be consumed upon creating the Dragonware)
    • Silver component of the desired mode x2 DC2006.png DC2007.png DC2008.png DC2009.png DC2010.png DC2011.png DC2012.png (both components must be the same)
  • Steps to forge:
    1. From the Craft inventory, select Craft Furnace.
    2. Select "Forge Dragonware".
    3. Select the materials to be used. The first position is the card, followed by the two silver components. Alternatively, use Quick Forge to select a specific dragonware to be forged (required materials must be owned and are not favourited).
Forgeable dragonwares
Series Dragonware sets
Card limited
Protagonists DC3031.png DC3036.png DC3041.png DC3046.png DC3051.png
Servant of Dragons DC3056.png DC3061.png DC3066.png DC3071.png DC3076.png
Chinese Gods DC3081.png DC3086.png DC3091.png DC3096.png DC3101.png
The Norns DC3106.png DC3111.png DC3116.png DC3121.png DC3126.png
Egyptian God DC3131.png DC3136.png DC3141.png DC3146.png DC3151.png
Paladins DC3156.png DC3161.png DC3166.png DC3171.png DC3176.png
Chinese Mythological Beasts DC3241.png DC3248.png DC3255.png DC3262.png DC3269.png
Western Beasts DC3276.png DC3283.png DC3290.png DC3297.png DC3304.png
The Witches DC3360.png DC3367.png DC3374.png
Crimson Grace DC3430.png DC3437.png DC3444.png DC3451.png DC3458.png
Saviors of Tower DC3591.png
Heroes of Dimension DC3675.png
Dragons from Sepulchre DC3752.png DC3759.png DC3766.png DC3773.png DC3780.png
Norse Gods DC3948.png DC3955.png DC3962.png DC3969.png DC3976.png
Race limited
Corrupted Sealed Lords DC3598.png DC3605.png DC3612.png DC3619.png DC3626.png DC3633.png
Attribute limited
Black-gold DC7050.png DC7059.png DC7068.png DC7075.png DC7082.png DC7115.png

Other dragonwares[]

Non-forgeable, card-specific dragonwares (with full set)
Dragonware Limit Obtain from
DC3465.png Adventure Book No. 2100 Dream Catcher - Matthew
  • Gift-coupon.png x1 (Obtained after Power Releasing No. 545 Dreamer Matthew)
DC3472.png Rune Feather No. 2306 Auspice of Protection - Cang Bi
DC4109.png Nacreous Microphone
10230i.png 10231i.png 10232i.png 10233i.png 10234i.png
  • refer here (Anything for My Idols event)
Non-forgeable, unique dragonwares grouped by source
Description Dragonware(s) Restriction
DCmd1.png DCmd2.png DCmd3.png DCmd4.png DCmd7.png DCmd6.png DCmd9.png DCmd10.png
Joint Operation
Prismatic Telescope - - DC7057.png - - - - - InvLight.png InvBeast.png
Soul-thawing Candle - DC7066.png - - - - - - InvDark.png InvElf.png
Ophidian Staff - - - - - DC7067.png - - InvEarth.png InvGod.png
Raven Chess DC7089.png - - - - - - - InvLight.png InvDemon.png
Beryl Harp-bow - - DC7097.png - - - - - InvEarth.png InvHuman.png
Gory Claw - - - DC7112.png - - - - InvFire.png InvDemon.png
Horror Stages
Snow Axe - - DC7058.png - - - - - InvDark.png InvBeast.png
Fleeting Longevity Lotus - - - DC7090.png - - - - InvLight.png InvBeast.png
Thunderbolt Pistol - - - - DC7111.png - - - InvLight.png InvElf.png
TOS Battle Pass
Flora and Fauna Basket - DC7098.png - - - - - - InvDark.png InvHuman.png
Lambent Dual Wield - - DC7099.png - - - - - InvLight.png InvHuman.png
Soul-gulping Scythe - - - DC7100.png - - - - InvWater.png InvBeast.png
Agni Gauntlet - - - - DC7113.png - - - InvFire.png InvHuman.png
Bee-dazzling Lamp - - - - - - DC7114.png - InvEarth.png InvElf.png
Anniversary Cake - - - - DC9011.png - DC9008.png DC9007.png -
Fencing Victor - - - - - DC9009.png - - InvHuman.png
Takoyaki - DC9010.png - - - - - - -

Collaborative Dragonwares[]

Time-limited, stage-farmable collaborative dragonwares
Series Dragonwares
Saint Seiya DC3311.png DC3318.png DC3325.png DC3332.png DC3339.png
Hunter×Hunter DC3381.png DC3388.png DC3395.png DC3402.png DC3409.png DC3416.png DC3423.png
Wrath of the Gods DC3514.png DC3521.png DC3528.png DC3535.png DC3542.png DC3549.png DC3556.png
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba DC3682.png DC3689.png DC3696.png DC3703.png DC3710.png DC3717.png DC3724.png DC3731.png DC3738.png
KAMEN RIDER DC3787.png DC3794.png DC3801.png DC3808.png DC3815.png DC3822.png DC3829.png DC3836.png DC3843.png DC3850.png
Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter DC3857.png DC3864.png DC3871.png DC3878.png DC3885.png
U.A. Students DC3892.png DC3899.png DC3906.png DC3913.png DC3920.png DC3927.png DC3934.png DC3941.png
Oedo DC4018.png DC4025.png DC4032.png DC4039.png DC4046.png DC4053.png DC4060.png DC4067.png DC4074.png DC4081.png
Digimon DC4116.png DC4123.png DC4130.png DC4137.png DC4144.png DC4151.png DC4158.png
Collaborative dragonwares with alternative acquisition methods
Dragonware Limit Obtain from
Neon Genesis Evangelion
DC3563.png Progressive Knife
2516i.png 2517i.png 2518i.png 2520i.png 2536i.png 2537i.png 2541i.png
DC3570.png Positron Cannon
2516i.png 2517i.png 2518i.png 2520i.png 2536i.png 2537i.png 2541i.png
DC3577.png Spear of Longinus
2516i.png 2517i.png 2518i.png 2520i.png 2536i.png 2537i.png 2541i.png
  • Gift-coupon.png x1 (Clear I'm Born to Meet You for the first time)
  • Gift-coupon.png x1 (Complete No. 2541 Shinji Ikari & Kaworu Nagisa & EVA 13's amelioration)
  • DC3577.png x1 (Rewarded for 15 Personal Completions in The Ship of Hope)
  • DC3577.png DC3578.png DC3579.png DC3580.png DC3581.png DC3582.png DC3583.png x1 Set (Purchase Gift Pack)
DC3668.png Energy Tank
2611i.png 2612i.png 2613i.png 2614i.png 2615i.png 2616i.png 2617i.png 2618i.png 2619i.png 2620i.png 2621i.png 2622i.png 2623i.png 2624i.png 2625i.png 2626i.png 2627i.png 2628i.png 2629i.png 2630i.png 2631i.png 2632i.png
PUI PUI Molcar
DC3745.png Vegetables Cup
7021i.png 7022i.png 7023i.png 7024i.png 7025i.png
DC4165.png D-3 (Digivice) No. 10262 Veemon & Wormmon