“Damn you Ghroth, still sleeping! Wake up now!”
        Ghroth opened all its eyes looking at Azathoth, which was wrathful and frenzied as always. Unable to suppress its instinct, Azathoth was smashing meteorites nearby like a maniac.
        “Haha, Azathoth...My Azathoth...I woke up...What are we gonna do...Boohoo…”
        “I’ve found that damned Daoloth. Let’s destroy it!”
        “What about Fthaggua and Y’golonac?”
        “Humph, forget about that two dumb things. I just need you, Ghroth.”
        “Haha, being with Azathoth...touching Azathoth makes me happy——”
        “How dare you betray me!! I need to crush you. I need you to stay out of my life forever!!”
        Azathoth gathered power to expand its body, forming a gigantic shadow; it raised its fist punching Ghroth hard——
        The deafening scream shook the entire dream. In a state of confusion, Ghroth’s eyes kept rolling tremblingly; it took a while before the peace embraced it from the nightmare. Ghroth was finally aware it had returned from reality to dream.
        “Hahaha, can’t believe you had a nightmare in your dream...How funny——Ahhhh!” Ghroth squeezed through a narrow crack, held one of the Y’golonac’s clones by the teeth and chewed into pieces.
        “Hehe, shut up! It’s all your fault!!! I hate! I hate!!! Boohoo…”
        “Well well, how cruel of you. I’m just afraid you might be too lonely.” Another Y’golonac jumped out of nowhere. Ghroth knew better than anyone that it could not be killed.
        “Azathoth...I miss you…”
        Ghroth’s intention to swallow Azathoth was revealed by other followers, which had aroused its unstoppable anger. Swelled with emotion, Azathoth destroyed Ghroth’s vessel in the reality and commanded Y’golonac to block up the crack with its clone. Trapped in dream, Ghroth could only comfort itself by making its own dreams.
        However, those delusional dreams brought no satisfaction to Ghroth, nor they could fill its gigantic appetite for occupying Azathoth. As a result, the unbearable emptiness was converted into blazing fury, and the only way to drain it away was to vent on itself.
        Reaching out countless tentacles, Ghroth whipped itself hard. Despite different sizes of pits were left in the void, this only caused a minimal effect to sooth its emotion. Ghroth then started biting itself and swallowing its own parts. During the endless time, it had been repeating self-mutilation, yet the fury was still lingering.
        As Ghroth would soon be suffocated by such a feeling, a long-lost voice echoed from the passage to the reality. There was a palm-size, headless flesh standing in the center of the vast space.
        “Ghroth, long time no see.”
        “Haha, Y’go...Hate! I hate you! AHHH——!” Ghroth recognized the voice — Y’golonac, which trapped it in the dream. The encounter triggered its hatred to surge instantly; countless mouth appeared in the void attempting to engulf Y’golonac. Next second, another flesh came out.
        “Calm down, Ghroth. I’m here to help you. You want to meet Azathoth, don’t you?”
        “Azathoth...I want...”
        “Then let me swallow you.”
        Plenty of headless flesh appeared at once. They began to bite Ghroth as if an ant swarm was drawn by food. Then, each of them crossed the narrow crack one by one. As they arrived at the reality, the flesh spewed Ghroth out bit by bit. The parts then glued together into an irregular sphere —— the vessel of Ghroth in reality.
        “Ah, the familiar pain...I came back.”
        The flesh also gathered together, reshaping a giant figure. That was the true form of Y’golonac.
        “Ghroth, I brought you back. So you have to take my order——AHH! What are you doing!! Stop!”
        Ghroth approached Y’golonac and bit half of its body without hesitation.
        “You, it’s you...stop me from seeing Azathoth. I’m gonna swallow you, hahahaha——!”
        “You crazy bastard! I shouldn’t have…”
        “If it wasn’t that thing requesting me, I wouldn’t have...Now, I better leave!”
        However, Ghroth did not let it go away. It pounced on Y’golonac to have another bite. Eventually, it failed to get rid of the chase and was entirely swallowed into the stomach. At this moment, Ghroth wore a creepy grin.
        “I’m coming...Boohoo, Azathoth. I’m gonna destroy you...crush you into pieces...and then swallow you...haha!”
        Ghroth, laughing evilly, started moving towards Azathoth...

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