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        ’Nathaniel’s group eventually lost to the almighty Sealed Lord—Lucifer. Although they could not push any further, their strengths transformed into elemental powers to help future Summoners ascend the Tower. Their souls would stay forever until someone made it to the top of the Enochian Tower and brought peace to the world.’

        Matthew sighed after finishing the book. He stared at the Enochian Tower in the distance. The legends of the Five Heroes played in his mind, and Matthew imagined himself fighting beside them. He smiled and turned to the last page saying, ‘Wish your dream come true, Katherin.’ His smile turned into a grin. ‘I have decided!’ He shouted and got on his feet excitedly. ‘I have to continue their journey to save the world!’ ‘I’ve heard that a hundred times, but it never happens.’ sneered his mother. Matthew angrily replied, ‘This time I’m serious! Just wait and see!’ He rushed back to his room and stuffed all kinds of things into a large backpack…..

        Matthew set out on a bright sunny day. Thanks to the glorious weather, he believed everything would go smoothly on his journey. Following the guides in the book, he went through dense forests, dangerous rapids, and the battlefield where the Five Heroes bravely fought demons in the past…...After a long adventure, he finally reached the Enochian Tower. The top of the Tower was buried in a sea of clouds, hiding the complete view of the structure in a mystery..

        ’The real Enochian Tower is much more magnificent than I imagined!’ said Matthew in amazement.

        He remained in a dignified silence looking at the gate of the Enochian Tower. Wails came from behind the gate, shaking his confidence to push further. He took the novel out of his backpack and turned to the page with Katherin’s signature and her inspiring quote to embolden himself. He pushed through the gate fearlessly and strode into the Tower…...

        As Matthew stepped into the Tower, the golems supporting the pillars became animated! Matthew smiled, because he remembered every detail about the Tower in the novel. He was ready for everything. Before the golems launched their attacks, Matthew calmly moved to the stairs which he then barricaded with ropes to slow the golems down. After losing the golems, Matthew tried his best to avoid fighting the enemies in the Tower by strategically using his amateur magic until he reached the First Seal.

        As he touched the Seal of Saruman, elements circulated in the air and ignited dots of purple light, shattering the invisible barrier. The way was cleared.

        ’This is the place, finally. I’m about to face the First Sealed Lord from the novel……’ Matthew swallowed. He was about to confront Saruman, who had once ruled the gnomes, the Lord of Evils. He slapped his cheeks to encourage himself. ‘Nothing bad has happened so far! I’ll be fine as long as I keep following my perfect plan!’ thought Matthew. He took a big step towards where Saruman lived.

        A strong gust of dark elemental power struck Matthew. He could feel his heart pumping. A voice resounded in the dark, ‘What a fool to forfeit your life for nothing!’ Saruman’s figure came into sight. The two gnomes suddenly leapt towards Matthew! However, he was well-prepared for that exact scenario. He drew several Magic Circles to attack the gnomes, which instantly evaporated into thin air. As Matthew grinned knowing that victory was close, Saruman humphed and created two more gnomes!

        ’Ho-how is that possible?’ Matthew was shocked to realize that Saruman could create gnome barehanded. The fight continued endlessly. No matter how many gnomes Matthew destroyed, new gnomes would replace the dead ones in a second. Soon he became exhausted, making him a sitting duck for Saruman and gnomes. Before the gnomes reached Matthew……

        ’Am I gonna die here? No!’ As Matthew cried for his vanishing life, a dazzle appeared from behind. An attack of five elements pounded Saruman and his gnomes, sending up clouds of dust. As Matthew became disorientated by the chaos, an owl glided in front of him, then a man in cloak stood Matthew up. He could not see the man’s face, which was blocked by the cloak.

        The man walked away from Matthew and.calmly pulled cards from his hands, summoning heroic spirits with familiar faces……’That’s Sean!’ exclaimed Matthew. Sean smiled, and then joined the battle following the instructions of the man in cloak. The attack of five elements collided with the dark element of Saruman. After a pitched battle, Saruman finally fell down. Matthew shed tears as he witnessed the break of the First Seal. The man’s eyes smiled Matthew before striding towards the Second Seal. The owl flew to Matthew and said, ‘You’re not strong enough! Don’t sacrifice your precious life for nothing!’ It followed the man afterwards. The owl’s words did not frustrate him, but filled his heart with excitement. He clenched his fist and swore he would grow strong enough to help the man…...