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        ‘I haven’t even met him. Why do I have to marry this man? He doesn’t deserve me!’

        Yelling came from Sun Shangxiang’s room. All of her servants dared not enter without her permission. The girl’s name was Sun Shangxiang. She was the youngest child in the Suns, the family of southern feudatories. Her family coddled her so much that she got whatever she asked for. After her father died, Sun Quan, her brother, ascended the throne. Sun Quan promised the king of the State of Shu to betroth Sun Shangxiang to Liu Bei, but he did not expect such strong resistance from her.

        ‘Liu Bei has the courage to stand against Cao Cao. He must be a heroic man. This may work out better than you could imagine…’

        ‘Last time you asked me to marry Zhou Yu; this time you’re betrothing me to Liu Bei. Do I ever get to say no?’ Sun Shangxiang refused to marry anyone no matter what Sun Quan said. At last, he had had enough and yelled furiously, ‘It’s not your call!’ He stared at Sun Shangxiang and saw her eyes turning red as she shouted back, ‘I hate you!’ Afterwards, she turned around and ran to her room.

        Sun Shangxiang went back to her room and locked herself in there away from her servants. She lay on the bed and cried. When she stopped crying, she recalled the days when her father and brother treated her like a princess. Now her father was gone, and Sun Quan had become obsessed with power. ‘You've got to follow your own path. Even a female has the right to pursue her own dreams,’ her father’s words resounded through her head.’ Sun Shangxiang stood up as she decided to leave the State to find her freedom, thinking it was the only option if she could not change her brother’s mind. After putting on plain clothes, packing some clothes and grabbing her wallet, she tiptoed out of her room. When she walked through the gate, she lowered her head to avoid getting recognised by the guards.

        Sun Shangxiang, who had never gone outside alone, walked on the street excitedly. The windows of the shops on the sides of the roads displayed countless different things that she had never seen before. After entering shop after shop, her hands were full of shopping bags, but she still showed no signs of fatigue. Busy shopping, she did not notice several rogues had been following her from behind. As she was inspecting an accessory in a store, the men charged at her and ran her down. Before she could get up, they stole her wallet!

        ‘Wait!’ Sun Shangxiang yelled at the men as she chased after them. They had lived here for years, so they knew the ways far better than Sun Shangxiang, who rarely left her mansion. After running for a while, the men disappeared around a corner. Without a clue where to look for them, she returned to the accessory shop. To her surprise, all of the shopping bags she had left there were gone. Realizing she had absolutely nothing on her, Sun Shangxiang kneeled to the ground and cried desperately.

        A shadow stepped up to Sun Shangxiang and asked, ‘Miss, is this your wallet?’ Sun Shangxiang wiped away her tears and looked — her wallet was right before her eyes! She grabbed it and jumped in joy. ‘My wallet!’ She hugged the man and continued, ‘Thank you so much! Thank goodness!’ ‘M-my pleasure...But would you mind…’ the shadow replied nervously, and Sun Shangxiang noticed the shadow was a man. She released him immediately and her heart raced frantically. She raised her head and looked at the man; he had an amiable face with a panda lying on his shoulder. The man smiled at her, and her mind went blank. As she struggled to speak, a dozen maidens poured into the shop…

        ‘Miss is here...Thank goodness! Master Quan has been worrying about you. Come. We should go now!’

        ‘W-wait…!’ The maidens pushed Sun Shangxiang into the carriage before she could ask the man for his name, and the carriage brought her back to the mansion. To her, he was like a a hero who saved her at the final moment.

        In case she ran away again, Sun Quan ordered her servants to ‘take care” of her from dawn to dusk. Sun Shangxiang was mad at him for it, and she refused to talk to him since then. One day, when she was strolling the mansion with her servants to kill boredom, she heard a familiar voice coming from the hall. She ran to the window out of curiosity and peered out…

        ‘Isn’t hero? What is he doing here?’ exclaimed Sun Shangxiang. She wanted to go nto the hall, but the maidens would not let her. After the hero left with his friends, the maidens finally stepped aside. Seeing Sun Shangxiang, Sun Quan said joyfully, ‘Shangxiang! You came just at the right moment. I’ve got good news for you…’ ‘Brother, you know the hero?’ ‘Hero? What are you talking about? That’s Liu Bei. I’ve just told him about your feelings. Fortunately, he’s a considerate man. He has accepted your refusal to marry.’

        ‘What?’ screamed Sun Shangxiang, ‘Brother Quan is a stupid idiot!’ She turned around and ran away as Sun Quan gawked at her. With a radiant smile, she knew she had found her life goal. The moment she had been saved by Liu Bei, she had realised this man was the one. Now fate had brought them together again, and she wouldn't let go of the chance to pursue her love this time...