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        Musashi and Kojiro were brought to a strange island when they were dueling. In the face of a danger, Shingen saved their lives from the mad men and invited them to his team. For the sake of efficiency, Shingen was nominated as the team leader. Everything was fine, until Kenshin suspected the food was poisoned and she burnt it all. The quarrels over it were suspended, but the tension still lingered. To avoid this suffocating atmosphere, Musashi and Kojiro made camp by the riverside.
        “Kojiro, what is your plan?” “Leave of course. Who wants to stay at this awful place!?” Kojiro answered determinedly. She continued with arms akimbo, “My target is to defeat you, so I need to find a way back as soon as possible!”
        “Kojiro hasn’t changed even in this place. She is still a straightforward girl as usual.” Musashi also made up his mind when looking at her determined eyes. Tomorrow would be the start of a long journey, so they slept earlier to reserve stamina. However, Hattori’s voice had waken them up before dawn. “What is the hurry? You just ruined my dream——” “Oh no! Kenshin was killed!”
        Hattori’s words had made them nervous. They followed him to the woods where Kenshin’s body was found. By the time they arrived, Shingen, a burly man, and Masamune, a single-eyed man, were already there. Their looked at the blood-soaking corpse with pale faces. “You! You killed Kenshin, didn’t you!” Kojiro asked Shingen in an angry voice.” “No, I didn’t!”
        “Stop it Kojiro,” Musashi stepped in and pulled her away. “It doesn’t matter who killed her, because Kojiro and I are leaving,” Musashi said seriously. “Right, I don’t want to be killed in the sleep!”
        Bang! A gunshot had scared off the animals in the woods. A wisp of smoke came out of Masamune’s handgun; Musashi pulled out the right blade to block the bullet immediately. “If you can defeat me, I’ll let you go!” Masamune howled with laughter.
        “Lunatic! I won’t...Ah!” As Kojiro was about to charge at Masamune with her long katana, she forgot Shingen was actually behind her. Shingen’s sword pierced through her right shoulder; Kojiro fell down with her eyes glaring at Shingen. “You must obey me. I’m absolutely right. Anyone who defies me will only end up in death!”
        “Kojiro!” Musashi was numb with shock. Then, he went ballistic and harbored an intense hatred for Shingen. Musashi’s dual blades, echoing with his emotions, became bigger and bigger, giving out countless fire spheres. He roared with fury.
        “Musashi, this is your real face! Bring it on!” Masamune grinned excitedly as he pointed his gun at Musashi. A cloud of purple smoke came out of the gun and turned into numerous bullets. Then, Masamune pulled the trigger while sprinting towards Musashi.
        “Die!” Musashi swung his blades without even looking at Masamune; the fire vortex destroyed the bullets in no time and swept towards him. Before Masamune was engulfed by the flames, he murmured with a smile, “Keep burning, until death…”
        “Your turn, Shingen!” Musashi dashed towards him at lightning speed; Masamune wanted to parry the attack but without avail. Musashi leaped into the air before he got close to Masamune, and did a front flip swooping down.
        “Ah!” The dual blades stabbed into Shingen’s shoulders; Shingen tried hard to block the attack with the great sword to prevent the blades from going deeper. However, Musashi used his weight pushed the blades down; Shingen could no longer withstand it and kept bleeding.

        “No one can defy me!” The irritable feeling surged within Shingen’s heart. The berserk rage had turned his great sword into countless red limbs, as if a fierce beast. The limbs attacked Musashi, who had no choice but to abandon his blades and jumped down. The limbs did not stop attacking, but Musashi blocked them all one by one. At this moment, he heard Kojiro’s weak groan nearby.
        “Kojiro is still alive. I need to take her away!” Musashi slightly calmed down and ran to her side. Suddenly, he had a pain in his right foot and stumbled. Then, Shingen’s limbs pierced through his right abdomen. Musashi gritted his teeth and bore the pain. He pulled out Kojiro’s sword and threw it to Shingen, which stabbed right into his right leg.
        “You...darn it!” Shingen was exhausted and fell down, so did his limbs. Musashi took the opportunity to picked Kojiro up and escape to the forest. He went all out to run, finally using up the strength; both of them fell to the ground. “I’m sorry, Kojiro. Let’s continue our duel in heaven…” Musashi whispered as he crawled to her.