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        That night, Nathaniel, who was then still an Earl, was resting by the campfire with his companions to recover themselves from a battle. Besides the fire, the sorceress was bandaging the swordsman’s wounds and rebuked him for his recklessness. The beguine wrapped herself in her robe, probably taking a rest, while the druid was grinding herbal medicine. Nathaniel was wiping his own armor, he sighed and said as he touched a cut on the armor, “What would this war bring us...?”

        “Your enemies never think about that, my Lord.” Druid said as he giggled.

        “Then what are they thinking exactly?” asked the sorceress, when the swordsman moaned for the injuries he had taken.

         The beguine, wrapped in her robe, replied coldly, “They have no better choices but doing such meaningless things.”

        As silence surrounded the crowd, Nathaniel became deadly serious. The endless wars upcoming made his heart sink. He could not help but clench his fists in determination to end this war.

         Duke Nathaniel and his companions were honored as the heroes of Humans. They prevented the Demons from capturing
Enochian Tower and even climbed up to where the tower was broken, bringing a peaceful era to the realm of men.

        During the war between Gods and Demons, Nathaniel led his army to battle in different places. He realized that the war had been expanding. His army was put under several bitter defeats. Although there were some occasional victories, the previous victories could not be compensated. After a battle that prevented the Demons from conquering Enochian Tower, Nathaniel resolutely made the decision to climb the tower. To completely drive away the Demons, he must release the seal and beseech the Gods to conclude the wars by sending their troops. However, the sorceress did not agree, for she believed that all the efforts they had made for so long were not meant to create more deaths and sacrifices. Nathaniel was about to persuade her further, but as soon as he saw the tears in her eyes, he knew that the sorceress was flooded over by the sadness from losing their companion. She simply could not comprehend the picture he had been longing for. They both stuck to their own ideologies - as a result they could only face off. The elements, driven by the sorceress, struck and shattered Nathaniel’s sword into pieces. With the strength from the glory’s blessing, Nathaniel formed a new sword by gathering the elements of light. Yet he was confused in the duel. If he could not lead his companions, how could he put an end to the wars? Nathaniel was no tyranny evil and he had no intention to force the others to obey.

        ‘It is not time yet.’ All of a sudden, a voice distracted Nathaniel, that he was struck by powerful magic and then engulfed by the elements agitated by the Runestones. Nathaniel had no regrets for his efforts - it was just him picking the unfortunate timing. Meanwhile, the elements of light also recognized his contribution. The angel in silver armor guided his soul, so he could stay in the Runestones to escort future warriors on their way climbing Enochian Tower.