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        “Dumuzi! Wait for me!”

        The thin man named Dumuzi turned upon hearing the voice, only to see a silvery white-haired maiden hurriedly chasing after him. Panting, she stopped in front of Dumuzi.

        “Didn’t we say we would go find the teacher together? Why didn’t you wait for me?”

        With a smile, Dumuzi continued onward. The maiden followed, but only after stomping her feet in frustration. When they reached an open field, there were already two people there, each minding their own business. One of them was practicing his combat techniques while the other was meditating in thought. The man with the huge hands saw them, and waved in greeting.

        “Dumuzi, Inanna! Good morning!”

        With his huge hand, he patted Dumuzi on his thin shoulder. Though from the man’s laughter, it was obvious he was glad to see them, Dumuzi felt as if the bones in his shoulder had been shattered. Without drawing attention to his action, he removed the young man’s hand from his throbbing shoulder.

        “Ninurta, Teacher has not arrived yet?” asked Dumuzi.

        “No, just Namtar and I are here,” answered Ninurta.

        As the elites chosen by Ancient God Anu from within the ancestral beings, Dumuzi, Inanna, Ninurta, and Namtar would gather every three to four days. Together, they would learn from Anu.

        ‘Have you all arrived?’

        A kind but authoritative voice rung out. Those present all sat deferentially, awaiting instruction from Anu.

        ‘Today, I shall just ask you all one question!’

        ‘What do you think is the most important? You do not have to answer aloud; just keep it in your heart.’

        After a while, Anu’s voice rang out again.

        ‘Dumuzi, you stay. The rest of you can leave.’

        As the trio left, the confused Dumuzi was pondering whether there were any issues in his answer.

        ‘Dumuzi, do you know why I kept you here?’

        “Because of what I answered?”

        ‘Your answer was the clan; Inanna’s was life; Ninurta’s was power; while Namtar’s was fate.’

        ‘We, the Ancient Gods, shall depart soon. We must first select one person to serve as the leader of Humans. And you — you shall be this new leader.’

        “You are being too kind! I dare not accept this!”

        ‘You must be the leader. Only under your leadership can Humans prosper.’

        “But why...shall it be me?”

        ‘Because you prioritize the clan. The generosity you possess gives you the ability to accomplish this.’

        Anu’s voice slowly disappeared, leaving Dumuzi alone with his thoughts...