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        After going through a lot of difficulty, Dumuzi and Ninurta finally brought Namtar back to town, but they then received news about Inanna passing out while working. With Atrahasis’ assistance, Dumuzi successfully woke Inanna from her nightmare, but their happiness did not last long — Gilgamesh and his army began attacking the town.

        When Dumuzi wanted to take Inanna somewhere safe, Gilgamesh had already arrived at the hall! For an unknown reason, Inanna went berserk upon seeing Gilgamesh. She hysterically shouted and shot light elemental power at everything around her. No matter what Dumuzi tried to do, he could not calm her down.

        “What did you do to her?!” Dumuzi angrily shouted, but Gilgamesh only answered with a smile. He then said, “What belongs to me, will eventually return to me.” With that said, Inanna suddenly stopped shouting. Dumuzi hurriedly went to her side and asked: “Inanna? Are you okay?” He nervously looked her in the eye, but was surprised to see her eyes had lost focus, as if she had lost her soul. Seeing that Dumuzi was distracted, Gilgamesh did not let this chance slip away; he conjured water elemental power and attacked Dumuzi.

        Shoved against a war, Dumuzi stood up with difficulty. Unexpectedly, Inanna walked up to Gilgamesh and like a doll, she let him caress her body with no objections.

        “Didn’t you hear me? She belongs to me, so she has returned to me.”

        “Darned rat! Don’t you dare touch her!” Filled with anger, Dumuzi conjured earth elemental power and charged at Gilgamesh, but Gilgamesh smiled as Inanna suddenly dashed between them. Dumuzi could only withdraw his power and stop in front of her, but Gilgamesh conjured his power too!

        Gilgamesh shoved Inanna away and conjured two water spheres around his hands. In a split second, Gilgamesh came close to Dumuzi and put his hands on Dumuzi’s stomach before launching the water spheres! Taking the powerful attack directly, Dumuzi vomited blood. Although he wanted to retaliate, he realized that Gilgamesh could always use Inanna as a shield, so he dared not attack rashly. The warlord did not intend to let Dumuzi rest; he attacked faster and fiercer, stripping Dumuzi of his ability to even catch his breath. Only after a short while, Dumuzi lay feebly on the floor.


        “Still thinking about this woman when you’re about to die, huh? Too bad she’s mine now.” With that said, Gilgamesh conjured a sword out of water elemental power and was about to pierce through Dumuzi’s neck...

        Light radiated! A gigantic light sphere darted toward Gilgamesh, forcing him to dodge the attack first. What shocked him even more was that the attacker was the person he thought he had control over — Inanna!

        Inanna quickly ran to Dumuzi’s side and helped him up while apologizing to him. To Dumuzi, there was nothing better than having his lover returned to him. He only shook his head in response to her apologies. He then said: “Welcome back.” Witnessing Dumuzi and Inanna holding hands with their fingers interlocked and standing up together, Gilgamesh was filled with fury. Water elements suddenly enveloped him as he channeled immense elemental power. He then charged at Dumuzi and Inanna while yelling: “She’s mine! I’m gonna kill you!” However, Dumuzi and Inanna only looked into each other’s eyes and smiled. They conjured their elemental power together: emerald and amber light radiated and interlaced with each other. A tree then emerged from the ground and enclosed the radiating sphere. Dumuzi and Inanna raised their interlocked hand and pointed it at Gilgamesh before the overwhelming earth and light power burst toward him.

        Gilgamesh’s water elemental power was absorbed by the tree of elemental power, leaving him defenseless when the light elements hit his body. Along with the explosion of intense light came Gilgamesh’s cry of pain. When the light dissipated, Gilgamesh was lying on the ground, which also signified his defeat. After that, Gilgamesh was locked in a cell while people of different clans united under the guidance of Dumuzi and his team. They became stronger and was known to the realm as another significant race — Humans. Just as Dumuzi thought Humans were going to live harmoniously, greed clouded people’s minds again, causing wars to ensue among various clans. Dumuzi could not help but frown; there was still a lot to do...