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Northern Dipper Story Ch. 6

        “Wow! This thing is too fun!” A young girl Wu Qu was rubbing a soft ball with both hands, which kept spurting pepper through the window.

        “YES! This tiny ball can spurt that much pepper, unbelievable isn’t it?” A young boy Wen Qu, standing beside her, found it intriguing.

        Just now, Po Jun was heading home. Feeling something wrong in the air, he could not help but emit a big sneeze; pepper caused him to tear pretty bad. When he rushed back to the Northern Dipper Agency, strong scent of pepper had already spread over the entire place. Covering his face to go in, Po Jun saw Wen Qu and Wu Qu the two annoying spoiled kids are playing the pepper ball that Lian Zhen gave him. Although it was rarely used, Po Jun treated it as an important memory and put in a safe place.

        “Hey! You two kids get your hands off my pepper ball!” Po Jun took it back from Wu Qu at once, but the ball had already shrivelled up.

        Wu Qu did not feat a bit when he saw Po Jun. “You should’ve taken good care of it! If Lu Cun were here, he would surely say that to you,” Wu Qu stuck his tongue out.

        Looking at her naughty face, Po Jun was red with anger. “You…”

        That shocking face got Wen Qu to burst into laughter. “Look at his dumb red face! Hahaha!”

        “You two, get over here!” Po Jun grabbed the two and flicked their foreheads with his fingers.

        “Why are you doing this,” the kids let out a painful scream.

        “Lecturing! It’s not okay to make fun of others, understand!?” Scolded by Po Jun, they were displeased, touching their own foreheads.

        “Don’t ever let me see you mess around again!” Then, Po Jun kicked them out of the door. When he looked back to the broken pepper ball, flashback of Lian Zhen’s smile appeared in his mind. Po Jun heaved a long sigh.

        After being thrown out, the two wandered around the street. Wu Qu, still touching her painful forehead, grumbled at this moment. “What’s wrong with Po Jun! It’s just a stupid ball after all! Ouch, it hurts…”

        Wen Qu agreed, “’s just a ball…”

        While they were walking, Wen Qu saw a sneaky man tailing a lady from behind.

        He patted Wu Qu to make her aware of that suspicious man. Wearing a cunning smile, she decided to pull a prank on him in order to vent her anger. Both of them sneaked up on the man to speak up, “why are you stalking the lady?”

        Shocked, the man saw two kids are standing behind him with a mischievous look. “You’re…,” He asked with puzzlement.

        Then, Wu Qu questioned loudly. “I’m asking you. Why are you stalking the lady?”

        The man dropped a hint to Wu Qu to lower her voice, fearing that the lady would hear the words. “Shush...Keep it down…”

        As Wen Qu thought that the man had no intention to explain his purpose, he walked to the front. “If you don’t tell me, we’ll have to ask the lady instead!”

        The man stopped him immediately. “Don’t!! I’ll tell you…”

        So both of them remained silent to listen.

        “...We were meant to each other and engaged. And I got an accident later on while I was out for work. Few years later, I came back but she had already married other…”

        Astonished, Wu Qu did not understand the lady’s decision. “You two were already engaged. How could she change her mind like that?”

        Wen Qu could not agree more. “Right! We’ll stand up for you and make her pay the price!”

        “NO!” The man held them back with a flicker of sorrow. “Just let bygones be bygones. Now that she has already made her choice, it’ll be a disturbance if I show up again. I’ll lock our memories in my heart from now on.”

        “I don’t get it. Does she worth for your forgiveness?” Wu Qu felt indignant.

        The man answered as he shook his head. “I’m happy to see her doing well...Oh yes! Can you help me to give this to her?”

        He took out a red knot out of the pocket. It was weaved with fine work of hands. The man handed the knot to Wu Qu.

        “This is…” Taking the delicate knot, she was confused about it.

        “It’s a blessing knot. She made this to me before I travelled, to wish me a safe and well journey...Although I came back in one piece, there is no reason for me to keep the knot anymore. Return it, as my very last blessing for her…,” he explained.

        “I…” Wu Qu hesitated.

        Tears welled up in his eyes. “Just tell her that I died in that accident. And wish her the best...Please,” he spoke in all sincerity.

        Despite the mischievous side, both of them could not bear to refuse his earnest request. Soon, they arrived at the residence of the lady, knocking on the door. A moment later, someone opened.

        “You’re?” The lady looked puzzled when she saw two unfamiliar kids.

        Wu Qu took out the knot and asked, “do you recognize it?”

        The lady was shocked speechless as soon as she saw it. “Who gave this to you,” she took it from Wu Qu hands and asked nervously.

        Wen Qu gave a heavy answer. “The owner of this knot passed away in an accident a few years ago. It was his wish to return this to you.”

        The lady burst into tears when she heard the tragic, holding the knot with care. “After all these years…”

        “He wants us to pass on his final words that he hopes this knot can stay with you. Wish you all the best.” Looking at the deep feeling on her face, Wu Qu believed the lady was painful to make this decision.

        After a moment of silence, the lady bowed to thank the kids. “Thank you for bring it back to me. This truly means a lot…”

        Wu Qu and Wen Qu looked at each other with mixed feelings. In the past, they always made fun of the others. Many were even scared by them. No one had ever been so earnest to entrust or thank them.

        As they left, Wu Qu asked a question. “Why mortals and immortals are always attaching great importance to these ordinary items?”

        Wen Qu replied after pondering. “Perhaps these things are attached with their valuable memories.”

        Wu Qu nodded then suggested, “well...let’s apologize to Po Jun some day!”