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        With the huge intelligence network provided by Huang Zhong, Cao Cao contributed a lot to the court. Soon, he became the only person who could confront Dong Zhuo in the court. Later on, he used tricks to kill Dong Zhuo. Huang Zhong believed his death would bring peace to the empire; on the contrary, it turned out to be another more terrible beginning...Without Dong Zhuo, Cao Cao had full authority in hand. Those who had been with Dong Zhuo were all eliminated by him one by one. Before long, there were only Cao Cao’s henchmen left in the court. The emperor was simply a titular ruler. Absorbing the experience of dealing with Dong Zhuo, Huang Zhong knew Cao Cao must be eradicated in no time before his forces were stable...
        “Everyone, our meeting today is to discuss how to eliminate Cao Cao.” Led by Huang Zhong, a few warriors formed a circle for their discussion by standing next to each other.
        “I’m planning to arrest him on a charge of disloyalty. However, Cao Cao is cunning. In order to prevent him from escaping, his entire residence must be sealed off.”
        “Okay! Leave it to us!” Other warriors answered in unison.
        Next day, Huang Zhong brought his troops to set out. As he arrived at Cao Cao’s residence, Cao Cao was standing in front of the door, and the warriors who were with Huang Zhong last night, had turned their back on him. Cao Cao said: “Huang Zhong! You intend to rebel against the court! Now you’ve come with your troops. Your ambition is all too clear!”
        “What are you talking about!” Huang Zhong was stunned. He was here to arrest Cao Cao, but now the tide had turned against him suddenly. Huang Zhong was accused of being disloyal to the emperor. It left him at a complete loss for words.
        “Listen, warriors! Arrest him!”
        The warriors were approaching with their armies; Huang Zhong eventually understood that, those warriors who promised to deal with Cao Cao were actually his men. They pretended to agree with Huang Zhong, then told the entire plan to Cao Cao. Therefore, Cao Cao did come prepared. As the soldiers reached Huang Zhong, an arrow from behind shot his soldier suddenly.
        “General! Hang in there!” Huang Zhong got back on his feet and saw his army was battling with the warriors. He drew his bow and shot the arms of several enemies with clockwork precision, so that they lost their combat power; even Cao Cao was impressed by the marksmanship of Huang Zhong. “It would be nice if he is loyal to me.”
        At this moment, a strange noise filled the air. Cao Cao and the warriors pulled back to a safer position; the soldiers raised their shields right away. Huang Zhong gazed at the night sky, and there were countless arrows coming down!
        “Be careful!” Huang Zhong pulled out his blade to cut off the arrows. However, the arrows were as dense as rain. He was still scratched by them. His troops suffered heavy losses, but he could do nothing apart from watching them down one by one. The enemies marched on them with their spears and shields——
        “General...leave! You must not be caught by them!” said the Huang Zhong’s henchman. A majority of his soldiers died of arrows. Now only a few wounded men left.
        “Just go!”
        Urged by his subordinates, Huang Zhong fled home, and planned to escape with his wife and son as soon as possible, but Cao Cao was already in Huang Zhong’s residence.
        Huang Zhong ran to an alley, and there were only a few steps away from his house. As he was about to pass through the alley, there were numerous soldiers surrounding his residence; his wife and son were kneeling down in front of a girl with a blinder on her left eye!
        That girl shouted: “Huang Zhong! If you don’t want to see them suffer, show yourself!”
        “No! Husband! You can’t——Ahh!” his wife’s words turned into groans——that girl calmly raised his wife’s arm and pulled backwards to break it.
        “Quiet! I haven’t told you to speak yet.” The girl smiled, which sent a chill down his spine.
        As Huang Zhong was going to show himself, his wife shouted again: “Don’t come out! Leave——Ahh!” The girl tortured his wife again; her hands were paralyzed. His son said: “Father! Don’t come out! Sometimes, sacrifice is necessary——Ahh!”
        The girl punched his waist hard; he fell down and his lower body was unable to move again.
        The cries of pain echoed in the air. The girl hit their joints to make them suffer from severe pain, but intentionally not kill them. Witnessing such, Huang Zhong could feel the pain of his wife and son in his heart; he cried, then drew his bow aiming at their heads…Telepathically, his wife saw Huang Zhong hiding in the alley. She smiled at him and gently nodded; Huang Zhong bawled his eyes out. He closed his eyes and let go of his hand. The arrow accurately pierced through the heads of his wife and son.
        The girl rushed towards the alley with her army, but Huang Zhong had already disappeared. He used his connections in the empire to escape the capital at night. Although Cao Cao issued a wanted notice, it failed to capture him at last; Huang Zhong wandered around the wild, striving to survive for his revenge on Cao Cao——
        “My life is only for killing him!” Huang Zhong swore.