Ever since Mufasa became demented, his soul had been sealed in Osiris’s small cage. His creators would tell him about what was happening in the world and the tribe. Without a body, he could not feel the passage of time. All he remembered was the things he had destroyed during his rampage—he had ruined his tribe, killed innocent spiritual beasts and hurt his beloved friends... Mufasa as a soul could not cry, but sorrow had filled his heart.
        One day, an peculiar gust blew from the tribe. Tefnut called Osiris to the tribe, sounding worried. Osiris quickly grabbed his cage and departed for the temple in the tribe. Arriving at the tribe, Mufasa saw his old friends surrounded by demon soldiers. Their lives were at stake.
        ’If this goes on, they might die. The Ancestral Elements would be snatched away!’ yelled Tefnut. Ra replied calmly, ‘It’s an opportunity to test their courage.’ ‘Our children can’t possibly be that weak,’ Seth said with a smile. Hearing their conversation made Mufasa more and more nervous. His soul began to tremble, vibrating the whole temple!
        ’Let me out! I have to save them!’ Mufasa cried to the creators. They stared at him silently and ignored him no matter how loud he yelled. ‘Ugh!’ His earth elemental power proliferated and exploded, but the cage remained perfectly sealed. ‘It’s impossible to break our seal. The Dementing Genes inside you are still unstable. We can’t take any chances,’ said Ra. Mufasa ignored him and continued to pound at the bars, trying to break the seal.
        As Ra, Shu and Seth were discussing what to do with Mufasa, Tefnut whispered to him, ‘Believe in your bonds with your friends. It will guide you along the right track.’ The cage emitted navy rays and shattered into dots of light. Mufasa transformed into a green sphere and broke through the temple door. Shu and Seth gawked at Tefnut. She shrugged in return. Ra snickered for he knew Tefnut would do that.
        The huge Combatants and the demon soldiers continued to attack Basti and Felix for the Ancestral Elements. As Basti was busy fighting the demon soldiers, the Combatant swung his hands at her. Luckily, Felix pushed her away. ‘Felix-’ ‘Careful!’ The soldiers left them no time to rest. Basti and Felix lost count on how many demons they had killed. Swarms of soldiers kept coming non-stop. ‘I’m starving. How much longer do we have to fight?’ Iquitos asked casually while throwing bombs. ‘Not the best time to think about food, Iquitos. You are nuts!’ Pluma laughed and spun to slash at a demon soldier.
        Odous dodged the Combatant’s attack and jumped on its hand.
As he raised his blade, the Combatant’s other hand seized him tight! It aimed its lips at Odous. Fire element compressed into a fireball. He struggled to break free. As the fireball grew big, a green sphere blasted the Combatant, making it release Odous and miss with the fireball…
        Odous stared at the green sphere in confusion. It shattered and transformed into Mufasa. He blasted onto the ground, wiping out hundreds of demon soldiers.. ‘Mufasa…?’ Odous asked. Mufasa’s friend hesitated to approach, fearing he would go on a rampage again. Mufasa looked back. ‘Let’s kill our way out! We just have to bring back the Ancestral Elements into the temple!’ They nodded.
        Mufasa blazed a trail for his friends. Continuous battles had boiled his blood. It was similar to the effect of the Dementing Genes. ‘Bring it on! I’ll fight until my last breath! The Dementing Genes only make me stronger!’ Mufasa’s unbreakable will to protect his friends made him punch harder. There were only two demon Combatants on their way to the temple. Mufasa and Odous smiled at each other. The power of Water and Earth composed a giant water blade and dazzling green lionhead that launched itself at the Combatants! Boom! The Combatants fell down. All of the demon soldiers spread out, knowing they were no match for Mufasa and Odous...
        ’My ancestor, here’s your Ancestral Elements. Please forgive our sins and bless our tribe.’
        Basti and her friends worked together to bring the Ancestral Elements back to their creators in the temple. The Ancestral Elements glowed and vanished into thin air. A group of water cats merged into Tefnut. Mufasa and his friends saluted.
        ’It’s been tough. I appreciate your hard work,’ Tefnut said gently. All of them smiled but Mufasa. His face compressed into a frown. He lowered his head to avoid looking at Tefnut. ‘Creators, please seal me up again! I won’t make a good leader.’
        ’What are you talking about?’
        ’Mufasa is our only leader!’
        ’I can’t find another person that can take my madness.’
        ’My ancestor, please forgive Mufasa’s mistakes. He did not choose to harm anyone.’
        Tefnut laughed. ‘I doubt a bad leader could get so much praise. What do you think?’ ’But my Dementing Genes…’ ‘You managed to use them to protect your loved ones.’ Tefnut smiled relieved Mufasa. He looked at the tribe confidently.
        After returning the Ancestral Elements, Felix secretly departed the tribe. ‘I believe he will come back someday. Our bond is strong enough.’ Basti smiled and decided to wait for Felix’s return. Spiritual beasts around the world came back to the tribe. At last the tribe enjoyed unprecedented prosperity. Odous kept training himself to protect the tribe; Iquitos founded School of Elemental Power; Pluma wandered around the human world in search of homeless spiritual beasts; Basti continued to serve as a priest in the temple and pray for Felix’s long journey.
        Mufasa supervised the constructions in the village. The recovery of the tribe was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Right at that moment, Pluma brought a family of spiritual beasts out of the forest. ‘Leader, look!’ Mufasa scurried to them. The kid was scared of Mufasa and hid behind his parents. Mufasa crouched down and said, ‘Welcome to our tribe. I can show you around.’ The kid eyed him for a moment and nodded. Mufasa and the kid walked in the tribe. The rebuilt houses and the spiritual beasts’ faith made Mufasa believe the peaceful days would return to the realm eventually as long as they kept striving for them.

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