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        Ed had never thought what he did was wrong, since no one had taught him about right or wrong. The only thing he knew was the unspeakable pleasure of slaying - the joy when piercing a heart and the excitement when cutting a brain. The things around ‘innocent’ Ed had only been killings, death and the Pumpkin Trio, until he got to know Jack. The so-called ‘art’ of Jack was as wonderful as his pleasure. He circled around Jack. Badgered, Jack had to teach him about his morals and values. Since then, Ed regarded Jack as his teacher, and even his family member...

        In the graveyard, two men were playing chess. The purple-haired man was looking at the perplexed man in yellow with a confident smile, and then moved a piece.

        “Checkmate!” said the purple-haired man.

        “Ed, you’re doing even better!” The man in yellow said to Ed.

        “Jack, it’s you who are ebbing, because you’ve been spending too much time in the tender embrace of Aunt Elizabeth.” Ed talked volubly.

        “Whom did you just call Aunt?”

        A sweet voice called out. By her voice, you could already tell how beautiful she was. However, in the ears of the two, the voice was extremely terrible. Jack looked at Ed with an expression saying ‘you must die’. Looking at the pitying eyes of Jack, Ed then stiffly turned his head to present a smile that appeared bitterer than a cry. Facing the smiling Elizabeth, Ed uttered as acting boldly,

        “Lady Elizabeth, I didn’t call anyone Aunt...”


        Elizabeth created a fuming sphere of blood in hand and shot it at Ed, that Ed yelled loudly in pain. Under the serial magic attack of Elizabeth, Ed could only dodge here and there. At last, Ed ran to the back of Jack, grabbing Jack’s collar to guard himself. As her own lover was being used as the shield, Elizabeth had to stop attacking and could only stare at him fiercely instead. At the same time, the Pumpkin Trio entered the graveyard.

        “Master Ed!” “The joyful night is ready!” “Master, it’s time to enjoy!”

        Reminded by the pumpkins, Ed immediately picked up his bone rapier, scissors and the cloak made of human skin. He then left the graveyard with the Pumpkin Trio, with a bloodthirsty smile on his face.

        “It’s the month again?” asked Elizabeth.

        “Yes, it’s Ed’s night of killing.” Jack smiled and answered.

        “Welcome to the joyful night of Ed! Come and enjoy the rapture of being slayed!” - Ed the Innocent Necrophilia