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        Having been through twists and turns, Jack and Elizabeth finally patched up their relationship. For them it was a beautiful thing of course, but for Ed, it was the beginning of a nightmare —— meaning that Ed would be forced to watch them coquet with each other every, single, day.

        One day, Ed had fed up with this couple. Coincidentally it was the joyful night, so he decided to go out early with the Pumpkin Trio in order to stay away from those two clingy love birds.

        “Damn. Jack and Elizabeth never cared about my feelings! Agree?”

        Ed asked the Pumpkin Trio as he put both hands on the back of his head with a tut. The Pumpkins were supposed to say yes, but one asked a tricky question. “Is it because master you're still single? You feel uncomfortable to see them in pairs all the time?”

        “Of course not! I only fancy killing, no more!!” Ed retorted. Today he came to this town seeking that pure pleasure, but something off had happened.

        “Sigh, the street should be bustling at this time.”

        Ed was disappointed at the empty street, but soon he put on a smile. “So be it. Humans are many anyway. Let me find another town after a rest,” he thought. Then Ed took the Pumpkin Trio into an abandoned house for a short break.

        As soon as they sat down, a shadow rushed in and bit one of the Pumpkins hard, who couldn't help screaming. Without a single word, Ed drew his rapier targeting at the enemy's head. However, it was a miss. The enemy was agile enough to take the damage with an arm. Although the arm was cut off, the enemy managed to flee the scene with such a heavy injury.

        “Able to avoid my lethal strike. Interesting.” Ed was intrigued by the battle. “However my rapier is coated with anesthetic. There is no way you can hide from me.” He gazed at the weapon with a confident grin.

        Ed followed the blood trail to the woods and found the target——a girl. She was lying on the ground, trembling. Apparently the potency kicked in.

        Ed grabbed her head, preparing for the climax of the killing. Suddenly, he felt pain in his palm. The girl, unwilling to give up, was biting Ed hard with a last ditch effort. Despite the verge of death, she still resisted. Her perseverance had impressed Ed for the first time.

        When he got close to her, the girl even tried to bite his nose. Luckily Ed was one step faster to avoid it.

        “Such a tenacious human.”

        Ed looked the girl in the eyes——Even though she was seriously injured and held hostage, she seemed to be going to fight with the last bit of strength. Her eyes were still bright, as if there was blazing flame swaying inside. Ed was deeply attracted by this incredible feeling.

        “What is this? I've never felt such a strong feeling...”

        “Very well! I'll take you back!”

        However, the lady could not hear his words anymore, for she had already passed out due to the anesthetic. At this moment, Ed picked the lady up and was about to return——

        “Put down the lady!”

        A loud shout stopped his action. Then a few ferocious demons revealed behind Ed. “This is the territory of our lord! No trespassing!”

        “Well well, who decided that?” Ed flashed a smile and then vanished into thin air in front of them. Next second, he held the demon heads in his hands. “Hoho, screw the lord.”

        As the demons were eliminated, Ed took the lady back and healed her wound.

        “Master, are you going out tonight?”

        “Master, we haven't had fun on a joyful night for a long time. I'm so bored!”

        cMaster, are you not feeling well?”

        Facing the squeaky questions of the Pumpkin Trio, Ed only gave a short answer. “Shut up.” Then he sat down under a tree for a break.

        Ever since bringing the girl back, Ed had stopped complaining about the flirtation between Jack and Elizabeth, nor did he take to the streets for his joyful night. Instead, Ed wandered around in the cemetery all day; otherwise he would sit under the tree and take a nap, which he hadn't found boring at all, for he now had a new entertainment.

        “Whoosh!” As soon as Ed heard the rustle in his sleep, he took a swift turn to evade a coming arrow in the head.

        “Ha, what a pity. You failed again.” He threw a sarcasm with a smile. “How many times have you tried today?”

        The lady walked out from a tombstone with a long face and a crossbow in her hand. Although she only had one hand leftr, she could aim and shoot steadily. Still, unfortunately it missed.

        “Three times. Never mind. Tomorrow you'll be dead.” After leaving the curse, the lady went into the house.

        Looking at her flying hair, Ed smiled. “Alright, keep it on.”

        So Ed began to think about the beginning of this game.

        That day he brought this severely-injured lady back home for the cure. She woke up and found herself being kidnapped and even losing an arm. Since then, she had become dejected. No talking, no eating, until death.

        Jack and Elizabeth thought that Ed was going to torture her for fun when he brought this lady home. Yet Ed had no such intention at all.

        On the third day the lady woke up, he talked to her. “Let's play a game. Since I’m always the hunter, now I’ll let you be the hunter to hunt me down.”

        Shocked, the lady finally opened her eyes to look at him.

        “When you recover, I’ll give you 3 chances a day to kill me. As long as you can do it, you can leave freely, and my men won't stand the way. I won't tie you up nor lock you down. If you dare to run away, I'll find you and kill you.”


        “What do you think? Are you in?”

        The lady remained silent, but the flames ignited again in her dim eyes.

        She quickly recovered to get out of bed and started the hunting game. Repeated failures would only make her fighting spirit higher and Ed's mood happier.

        After the flashback, it was already sunset. When Ed was about to get up, he felt pain in the cheek. It seems that the arrow had stretched his face.

        “Oh, she's improving.”

        The next morning, Ed walked out of the house, and another arrow immediately came right towards him. He moved agilely to dodge, but saw that the crossbow was automatically triggered by a mechanism fixed on the tree.

        What's coming next was a shadow striking from nowhere with a gleaming blade, which had caught Ed off guard, who blocked the attack instinctively with his arm; blood was splattered on the ground.

        The lady landed and spoke coldly, “This is the first time today.” Then she left without looking back.


        “It's too dangerous. The wound was cut to bone.” Jack mumbled as he stitched. “Why would you play this game with her?”

        “It's fun, much funnier than the joyful night.” Ed continued, “Until now I just realized it's that interesting to be a prey. I love this feeling.”

        “Interesting where? Are you simply looking for excitement?”


        Not for excitement indeed. Ed just liked the look in the lady's eyes when she attacked him, like when she cut his arm in the morning.

        Her gaze was sharp and blazing.

        By seeing that pair of eyes, he could sense his own meaning of existence. That's the way to make him hot-blooded.

        Indulged in his own thought, Ed was hyper with a smile, which had given Jack a shock as he had never seen Ed like that.

        It was too dangerous for a killer to have such kind of emotion. Jack could not help but worry about him.

        “Ed, Ed!” Jack waved his hand to drag his attention back. “Better be careful. With her speed of improvement, you'll soon die in her hands!”

        Then Ed put on a brighter smile.

        “Isn't it good?”


        “Finished right? Thanks bro!”

        Jack heaved a sigh as he saw Ed leave.

        “Idiot. You aren't into the game. You’re into that lady!”

        “Brave one. You want to have a face-off with me?”

        Ed's arm had recovered, playing with his rapier. “Master is the best!” “Kill her!” The Pumpkin Trio jeered.

        “I've fed up with assassination. This time I want a fair fight.” The lady replied.

        “As you wish!”

        So the fierce battle began. While the two were focusing on the fight, they were unaware that a malicious stare was targeting Ed.

        It was the lord of the demons. It came to revenge for his lost fellows as Ed invaded the territory.

        The lord concentrated its demonic power on the palm, targeting Ed from behind.


        During the deathmatch, the lady glanced at a strong beam firing at Ed; without hesitation, she pounced to push him away and took the damage for him.

        Ed was helpless to watch her petite body penetrated by the beam and lie down. Without mercy, he sprinted towards the lord at high speed and hacked the demon to death instantly.

        Back to where he was, Ed picked up the lady.

        “Why did you save me?”

        For the very first time, the lady smiled at him; in the meantime, blood started to come out from her mouth.

        “Of course...because I need to kill you myself...”

        The eyes that Ed once so cared about had closed for good.

        Since then, Ed had returned to the streets at night, looking for his joyful night's toys, and also looking for another pair of eyes similar to those of the lady.