In a bustling town, merchants were peddling their products on the street. One was surrounded by a bunch of kids as the stall placed with colorful and mouth-watering candies.

        Suddenly, someone came over. The merchant raised his head and saw a man holding a lollipop in his mouth. “Sir, how may I help you?” the merchant asked hesitantly.
        “I’m buying all these 378 candies,” the man said with a glance.
        “Em? I, I beg your pardon?” The merchant asked again to make sure he was not mishearing. Edison frowned impatiently, pointing at the merchant with the lollipop.
        “I am buying all you candies. You hear me?”
        “Su-sure.” Scared by his intimidating aura, the merchant packed all the sweets to him immediately, which were exactly 378 in total.”

        Edison rubbed his chin as he took the heavy bag.

        “I won’t be back for a while in the coming days. I’m afraid there won’t be candies in Lomond Manor either. Gonna stock up to get over it.”

        Edison was invited to join an organization called “Lomond Manor” as a researcher. After everything was ready, he came to its headquarter.

        Edison was led to a grand hall, where nearly 20 people were waiting. They were in different age and style, but all had some sort of aura that could not be found in normal people. Preoccupied with observing others, Edison was aware of a youth ahead. They bumped into each other.
        “Sorry, I’m just too focused…” He looked at the youth, whose height only reached its chest, and took it upon himself to touch his head.

        “Are you lost? This place is not for kids.”

        The youth pulled a long face, shook him off and said coldly, “don’t touch me. And stop calling me a kid. My name is Newton, a researcher.”

        “Haha, you must be kidding me. Hey look, I have candies. You want some?” Edison took out a candy and bantered with the youth by poking his face.

        Edison’s humiliating behavior had intensified the atmosphere in the hall. Other researchers began to stop chatting.

        Newton pulled out a metal sword behind, swinging against Edison. But his action was already seen through; Edison leant backwards to dodge it agilely and put the candy into Newton’s pocket no sweat.

        “Ah huh, what a sneaky attack. A rude kid needs to be taught some manner.” Edison took out a dagger at his waist and got closer to Newton immediately, trapping him with the height difference. When the dagger was about to slice Newton’s neck——

        Bang! A Flame as big as a fist was cast from Newton’s right hand. Edison, for the sake of his own safety, aborted his attack to step backwards.

        “Oh, you know how to use elemental power?” Edison gave a whistle and continued, “so you’re really a researcher. There’s no reason for holding my strength back then.”

        He gathered the power within, conjuring light element onto his hands. The energy was so dazzling that even Edison was blinded by his own power.

        “Huh? Why is the power this intense level...Not good, I’ll get this kid killed.”

        Edison tried to retreat the attack, but his energy was out of control. Right as the strike unleashed, someone swept in like a ghost, grabbing his arms in the nick of time. Then, the light faded away.

        “...The flow of element is cut off.” Shocked, Edison looked at the person who stopped him——Darwin, a man in white coat.

        “Who are——” “Stop messing around. Don’t you aware that you’re a researcher??”

        A clear voice came into the hall. It was a charming lady. “Lomond Manor is no place for barbarians. If it happens again, you two will be expelled,” she lectured while glaring at Edison and Newton.

        “Noted.” Edison put his hands up as if he surrendered; and Newton also put his weapon back.

        Lady Galileo humped coldy. As the disturbance was settled, Darwin let go of Edison and came to her on the stage.

        Galileo gave a speech with her hands placing on a desk flatwise. “Gods have abandoned humans and returned to heaven, which gave rise to the invasion of raging demons. Now we’re in grave danger between life and death. To survive, the major great power has put aside their prejudice and disputes to establish Lomond Manor. Our purpose is to bring out the potentials of humans and turn the tide.”

        She paused, “All of you are the top-notch researchers in the world. From now on, devote yourself to save the mankind. Show your great wisdom for the rest of your life to make it happen. I, Galileo the pioneer, will do my utmost to guide you. May you create a bright future for humans——”

        The speech successfully boosted the morale of other researchers, but Edison did not buy it. “Phew, boring! When will she finish,” he found the speech unbearable and gave a disgusting expression.

        Glancing at his frivolous behavior, Newton rolled his eyes, deliberately keeping a certain distance from him. Finally, Galileo finished her speech. Then everyone started heading to their own laboratory. At this moment, Edison noticed that lots of white smoke were in the hall.

        “Hm? This place is enclosed...Damn!”

        “Everyone hold your breath!” Yet his warning was too late. Most of the researchers were already down, except a man, a lady and Newton who was covering his mouth.

        “ head is dizzy…” Edison’s vision kept shaking. The drug potency was stronger than expected. Even holding his breath, he could not stand any longer and fell down.

        “Someone catalyzed the potency with elemental power...Damn it…” Edison’s consciousness sank into endless darkness...

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