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        In a sealed dungeon, there were all sorts of torture instruments, including spike ironballs, masks with hooks, iron shoes, pincers and other brutal tools. Prisoners here were sent to different laboratories for inhumane and extreme tortures.

        In such a dark, dirty place, Sophia, dressing herself in neat clothes, was recording both physical and psychological changes in every prisoner with a notebook, in order to calculate the damage of the torture instruements. She had lost feelings about these sanguinary torments since a long time ago.

        An antique mechanical clock on the wall kept her on track of the time. It was 2:52 p.m. already, and the next prisoner Perillos was sentenced to death at 3 on time.

        Sophia came to the torture chamber of Perillos——an icehouse at a temperature of -10°C. Perillos, wearing thin clothes, was chained by ironballs and waiting to be sentenced.

        “Perillos, you violated the rules of the organization and killed the person who was not on the list. The organization had to spend extra cost to cover up your mess. At the leader’s command, you’re sentenced to frozen death.” Sophia announced precisely.

        “Ah.” Even through his eyelashes were iced, Perillos responded with a stony face.

        The assistant pushed an ice bed invented by Sophia before Perillos. The bed was inserted with countless ice spikes, exuding with terrible chills. “The spikes will pierce into every part of your body and kiss your nerves with absolute zero,” said Sophia.

        Then, she ordered the assistant to place the ice bed before and after Perillos, and pushed towards Perillos at the same time. Before the spikes hit him, Perillos sneered. “What are these torture toys for? You can’t feel the aesthetic of pain anyway.”

        Sophia thought she would not care, but the words of Perillos were lingering in her mind, making her hesitate…

        “Isn’t pain the most pointless sense of humans? Is it really that good to feel pain?”

        Since then, Sophia had been seeking proof of his words. She used an ice spike to cut her finger, hammered her head with a mallet and even seared her skin with pincers. Pain sent ripples in her boring life, like reminding her that she was alive.

        “Pure pain brings me no wonderful feeling…”

        With a desire to seek higher pain, Sophia changed her formulistic life. In leisure time, she would sneak into the chamber of the electric chair, just to feel the extreme pain brought by this masterpiece.

        “AHHH...Surely it’s my most amazing work! The current passed all over my body, the pain, heat and numbness, they’re just incredible!”

        Soon, such a level of voltage could no longer satisfy Sophia anymore, for her body already got used to the feeling. 1000 voltage, 2000, 3000, and even more.

        At last, she was black and blue all over, unable to find that original sense of pain again.

        “I don’t care about muscle burnt, vascular ruptures and more wounds...I just need pain, lots of pain...I need to prove that I’m alive!”

        Sophia set the electric chair to the max voltage. Eventually, it exploded due to overloading, resulting in a short circuit in the entire dungeon. Shrouded in smoke, she electrocuted herself with her body completely burnt to charcoal. Only the electric chair underneath still flashed with a bizarre light, as if it was breathing lively…