Seemingly off the radar, John the Court of Cancer had been investigating the gods led by Khaos. But they were very careful about every step they took, and none of the intel was leaked. No matter how John sniffed around, he never got any crucial information.

        “We can’t be stuck here forever,” said Cygnus, the constellation who had been working along with John.

        “I know that we have no more time to waste, but I’m clueless now,” said the frustrated John.

        The two of them arrived at the Holy City, a city worshipping Zeus. They had tried to search here, but this city was too secure to be infiltrated. At this moment, Cygnus spread its stainless white wings and said to John confidently, “I’ve got a plan. Just wait for my good news.”

        “What’s your plan?”

        “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Cygnus left the words then flew towards the center of the Holy City.

        Landing at the city center, Cygnus tripped on purpose to injure its left wing. The painful scream quickly drew the citizens’ attention to surround and watch. Everyone at the scene pitied Cygnus, and they were also attracted by its pureness. Everyone thought that Cygnus was the purest existence in the world, so they let the temple guards take it away. After being taken away, Cygnus received treatments; Soon, its injury was pretty much healed.

        This day, Cygnus was brought to the deepest part of the temple, where was the only place connected to the Heaven in the Holy City. The guards dispersed as soon as they put Cygnus at the center of the space. Later on, a bright light beamed on the floor, following the entrance of Zeus.

        “Why are you calling on me?” Zeus asked.

        “We’ve saved this gorgeous creature in the city. We are offering it to god Zeus, for we knew you would like it.”

        Landing in front of Cygnus, Zeus inspected carefully and gave an approving look.

        “This is truly rare. I accept your gift.”

        Zeus conjured a light sphere as a carriage for Cygnus and took her back to the Heaven.

        After returning to the Heaven, Zeus took care of Cygnus as his beloved pet, while Cygnus pretending to enjoy his affection. Yet every time a quake happened, Zeus would leave Cygnus and go somewhere else for a certain period of time. Having been observing Zeus, Cygnus estimated the time interval of his absence and waited for his next departure.

        This was a usual day when Zeus was chilling with Cygnus and she enjoyed his accompanying. A fierce quake suddenly happened underneath, ruining Zeus’ mood.

        “Annoying bugs!”

        Zeus put Cygnus down and left the room. Cygnus then started her plan as soon as Zeus’ footsteps faded away.

        Opening the door carefully, Cygnus left the room as she secured no patrolling soldiers nearby. She drew a snowflake on the wall whenever she came across with a divergent path. Cygnus didn’t stop until she found a bizarre room, where the room was separated from the temple. There was no road to be walked.

        “Looks like this room is hiding something. I can still go over even if there’s no road,” Cygnus thought.

        As Cygnus conjured the power, the water in the air condensed into an ice bridge, connecting between the temple and the room. Then Cygnus skated her way gracefully to the room, pushing the door open gently. Inside the room, the whole interior was decorated in white. There was only an unorthodox translucent architecture projected at the center. When Cygnus went over for a closer look, a stunning truth was revealed——the architecture was the heaven and the Enochian Tower. The tower was merely a passage, transporting the five elements from the realm extracted by five enchanted devices.

        “Destroying the five devices on the realm is the only way to end the gods’ conspiracy...” Cygnus wanted to notify John once she figured out the conspiracy, but she wouldn’t have expected to see Zeus and Aether outside the room…

        “I wish I never saw this happen. I knew you were with the Zodiacs at the moment we met,” said Zeus coldly, while rage flaring in his gaze.

        “Then why didn’t you kill me?”

        “Because we need to know what are you and your friends planning,” said the smiling Aether.

        This was the moment when Cygnus finally figure everything out. Zeus’ absence and the intense quake, everything was in Aether’s calculation, just to deceive Cygnus.

        “Even if I’m busted, that doesn’t mean you can stop me.”

        Cygnus flapped her wings hard to launch two gigantic tornadoes, sweeping everything into the air. With the sudden chaos, Zeus and Aether could only raise their arms to fend themselves; Cygnus took this chance to flee the scene.

        During the escape, Cygnus carved what she had witnessed in an ice block; She took a freefall to descend rapidly, but still it wasn’t fast enough for her to get away from Zeus and Aether. Right when Cygnus was about to enter a forest, a lightning bolt struck her right wing! The intense pain stopped her from flying, and the severely injured Cygnus crashed onto the ground. As Cygnus knew that she couldn’t make any further, she hid the ice block and turned it into a never-melting ice. Then she used the last strength to notify Pegasus the constellation, entrusting him to tell John to retrieve the ice.

        Aether caught the dying Cygnus right after sending the message.

        “Everything you do is just another meaningless struggle.”

        Cygnus could feel the loss of the astralist power as Aether reached inside her body. At last, Aether pulled a light sphere out of Cygnus; Losing her astralist power, Cygnus faded away into sparkles. Since then, Cygnus on the night sky had never sparkled again.

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