“Run!” Socrates’s shout had woken Marie and Edison up from shock. Both of them started running.

        “Come on, these are just bats. A few bites won’t kill you.” Edison ate a candy.

        “Those are carnivorous. If you get bitten, the paralytic toxins will go into your blood and cause great suffering.” Marie was able to tell the species in the blink of an eye.

        “What an awful day! First is crocodile and now the crazy bats...And why the hell are these dangerous creatures in this sealed place,” Edison rolled his eyes.

        “Anyways, it’s not the time to chat now. Go!”

        Socrates urged both of them to escape again, but Marie’s speed was hindered by her long dress. Falling behind, she was about to be swallowed by the bats——

        “Sorry!” As she was in danger, Socrates ran back to pick her up without hesitation.

        “Ah!” Shocked by his action, Marie embraced him reflectively. Looking at his face from below, the image reminded her of “that man” when she was young…

        “Oh no, are you kidding me!” Edison stopped suddenly; Socrates barely braked in time.

        “Why did you stop running...Tut! We’re surrounded,” he asked grimly.

        What made Edison come to a halt was another batch of incoming bats. As the two sides of the hallway were blocked by the carnivorous bats, they were on the horns of a dilemma.

        “At least we have to die like a hero!” When Edison ran, Marie grabbed his hand and said, “give me your dagger.”

        “What are you trying to do,” Socrates asked worriedly.

        “There is no time to explain. Put me down.”

        Since the bats were swarming closer and closer, Edison and Socrates decided to drop her down and give her the dagger.

        Then, Marie cut open her hem and the sleeves decisively, showing the patterns of her silky-smooth skin. She concentrated and circulated the elements in the air. The azure speckles of light were drawn to her skin again, resulting in resonance and emitting eye-dazzling gleams.

        “Hold your breath,” shouted Marie. Although they did not know what her plan was, Edison and Socrates followed the order to cover their noses.

        At this time, the bats on both sides were already in front of them——


        At the very last moment, they turned against and attacked each other. Edison and Socrates could not believe the bizarre scene currently in action.

        It was all thanks to Marie. She catalyzed the drug potency on her skin patterns with elemental power, creating an effect that would cause neurological disorder. Then, she sent it to the bats through elements, leading to this internecine situation.

        Before long, the bats was either dead or immobilized with heavy injuries. Marie successfully defeated all enemies without sweat.

        “Emmm! Emmm!” Edison started marking some noises to attract her attention.

        “Oh, you can breathe now.” Marie said in a fragile voice as she was too weak to stand up. Witnessing this scene, Socrates rushed to catch her immediately.

        “Wheeze——I thought I was gonna die of suffocation.” Edison was gasping for breath, then glanced at her with dirty eyes. “Thanks to the bats, I just saw a good stuff.”

        Confused, Marie looked at herself and found out her dressing was indecent——slim legs and delicate arms were exposed through her torn clothes, making herself exceptionally arousing.

        “You——!” Marie blushed at his words, covering her body with hands. Tears welled up in her eyes as she glared at Edison. At this critical moment, someone put a coat on her——It was Socrates.

        “...This is warm...I remember that man did the same to me before…” Marie grabbed the coat, reminiscing the happiness in the past.

        “Stop provoking her. We must work together to leave this place,” Socrates said as he looked at Edison. Overwhelmed by his seriousness, Edison headed away from him and ate a candy boringly.

        “Right, let’s get out of here. The exit is just right ahead of us,” she said while pointing at the exit. The triumph over the bats had greatly boosted Marie’s confidence, and she was very optimistic about their own situation.

        However, she would never know how ignorant her thought was...

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