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        In a photo, a matron was embracing three girls; the light was so dim that only Woodbury was visible among the three. Princess Woodbury peered at the photo, her mind dragged to the moment which had caused her the eternal grief...

        Woodbury clearly remembered how her sister plunged that knife into their mother’s chest, and how she had absorbed the dying mother’s power with her magic chessboard. Her chuckles still lingered in Woodbury’s mind.

        ‘My sister, why...?’

        Woodbury’s sister did not answer; she stared coldly at their mother, who had collapsed onto the floor. She suddenly turned. With a wave of her hand, immense power surged forth from the chessboard, firing straight at Woodbury, rendering her unconscious as she collapsed. In semi-consciousness, she heard her sister say, ‘Woodbury, take care of...’

        When Woodbury snapped awake, her mother lay slain in a pool of her own blood; Woodbury’s tears cascaded. Just then, a blue light emanated. Her mother’s soul emerged from the body, and it calmly floated beside Woodbury.

        ‘Woodbury, do not hate your sister...’

        ‘She killed you! Why are you protecting her?!’

        ‘There is a reason for it. You just have to remember that she is your sister and will never harm you.’

        ‘And above all, you are all my daughters...’

        Her mother’s soul gradually dissipated, leaving behind only the teary Woodbury.

        ‘Alice, you’re going to pay for what you’ve done to mother!’

        “Lady Woodbury!” Hamel’s voice pulled Woodbury back to the present.

        “Reports from the tin toys troops: we have found the entrance to Wonderland.” Hamel uttered, fear evident.

        “Hm. Time to fulfill my own wish.” Woodbury’s eyes sparkled with vengeance.

        On the other side of the entrance, the Graceful Lady sank into deep thoughts over the same photo...