It was as if that day never happened. The grand duke continued his routine work. When asked of the castle, he would either gave a vague answer, or simply shirk it off, claiming he was busy with other matters. He never spoke of the castle. The people only knew that from then on, the grand dukes of every generation would go to the castle; but no one knew what they did there. This lasted centuries...

        Looking at the contemporary grand duke, Elizabeth took a sip from the glass, and then climbed out of her soak nude. She did not mind others seeing her body. However, no one had the mood to appreciate her beauty. The bloody smell and crimson gore overflowing from the tub sent shivers down the spines of all those present.

        “Grand duke, what affairs has necessitated your personal presence here before me?” asked Elizabeth, putting on her white gauze.

        “Honorable Elizabeth, it is...” said the grand duke, trembling.

        “Get to the point!” Elizabeth yelled impatiently.

        “The population in the duchy is slowly shrinking... so about the blood supply...” Petrified, the grand duke could not finish his sentence.

        “Are you telling me I can no longer acquire that fresh exquisite blood from you anymore??” Elizabeth said harshly, staring at the grand duke.

        The frightened grand duke collapsed onto knees, frozen in terror. Suddenly, his whole body started convulsing. Blood gushed out of his eyes, nose, and ears, and gathered as a sphere of blood in Elizabeth’s palm. Shortly, all that remained of him was a dried and petrified corpse, with little more than the skeleton remaining. Yet, Elizabeth still violently shot the blood sphere at a marble pillar. The attack prompted the hidden man in a yellow suit to appear seemingly out of nowhere. However, upon seeing him clearly, Elizabeth simply ignored him and stretched her right arm towards the bath pool. The grand duke was formed and summoned forth from the blood of the pool, which behaved as if sentient. He politely bowed to the two people and then left.

        “You don’t disappoint, my Elizabeth!” said the man, clapping his hands.

        “Aren’t you on some trip seeking the art of death?” Elizabeth quirked her eyebrows and said to the man.

        “Death is my lover; but Elizabeth, you’re so beautiful and elegant; you make me willing to leave death behind.” answered the man.

        In a flash, he was behind Elizabeth. Reaching around her slim waist with one hand and dipping her, he raised a silver goblet with the other and took a sip. With the warm blood in his mouth, the man kissed Elizabeth on the lips...

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