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        “Life and death are fated. Don't obsess too much, Miss Elizabeth,” said the robed wizard, trying to persuade Elizabeth who was sitting on a bench.

        “Noble wizard, I didn’t invite you here to reject my request,” Elizabeth answered plainly.

        “You need to understand that eternal life comes with a price.” Looking at Elizabeth, the long-robed master could not help but sigh.

        Upon hearing this, Elizabeth frivolously laughed and took a sip from a silver goblet.

        “I can pay any price!” she said.

        “I hope you will not regret this!” said the long-robed master, gently shaking his head.

        Since that day, Elizabeth recruited maids to her castle continually. Candidates had to meet two criteria: firstly, they must be 18 years old or younger; secondly, they must be a virgin.

        Many peasant families were tempted by the generous contract of servitude; thus they sent their daughters to Elizabeth's castle. However, once they entered the castle, none of the girls came out. Gradually, people began to grow suspicious. Thus, they requested the grand duke of the duchy to send people to investigate in the castle. Seeking the truth, the grand duke sent the knight grand cross and a wizard along with a small team to check out the castle...

        Seeing the return of the injured knight grand cross and the panicked wizard, the grand duke was shocked; this is particularly true after hearing the wizard stuttered an explanation of the situation. He believed this information could not be shared; therefore, he gave an intentionally vague response to his subjects. Secretly, he sent subordinates to solicit help from the royal wizard. The royal wizard set up a five-mile magic perimeter around Elizabeth’s castle...

        “Grand duke, the blood-hungry demonic wench cannot go beyond the magic circle now.”

        As the royal wizard was reassuring the grand duke, a bewitching voice rung out. It turns out Elizabeth was standing not far away.

        “Really? Grand duke, my father died for you but you would treat me this way now?” said Elizabeth, laughing seductively.

        “I’ll never forget your father’s loyalty; but you're a demonic scourge of mankind! Kill her!” The grand duke furiously commanded.

        Just as the grand duke gave the order, a revolting stench of blood surged out from Elizabeth's body. Slowly, the sky was stained with blood red. Elizabeth, who was smiling seductively, was reminiscent of a Demon in the soldier's’ eyes...

        “If you can understand the immortality I’m pursuing, then turn your fresh blood into my power!” — Elizabeth the Noble.